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Last updated Friday, 9 August 2013
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Most popular file  Symbulator 6 (Beta) with 19,235 downloads.

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blitz.zip2k08-04-14File is not ratedBlitzkrieg Simulation
A simulation of the German war tactic of Blitzkrieg. Uses a battle engine that may be of use to somebody.
cardiac.zip2k04-11-04File is not ratedCEMU CARDIAC Computer Emulator
In the 1960's Bells Labs released an interesting computer trainer named CARDIAC "CARDboard Illustrative Aid to Computing," it had 10 instructions, and 98 3bit address locations. CEMU will [eventually] accept any programme written for the original in list form. In the future several peripherals are planned, aswell as CASM and CARDIAC assmebler. This release is not entirely functional, and requires a little tweaking. An updated and fully working release will be uploaded soon. You can keep track of CEMU through www.orbiterguides.cjb.net.
makebot.zip8k09-05-19File is not ratedMakeBot
This is a program to make very simply your own simple chatbot!!Enjoy!
neuron.zip1k00-09-28File is not ratedNeuron v1.0
Simulates a single neuron learning simple boolean operations.
pathai.zip19k03-06-02File is not ratedPathfinding AI
Pathfinding AI is a program where you create a maze and this program used the left hand rule to solve it, graphically.
s2s.zip4k99-08-22File is not ratedS2S Symbolic Two ports Solver v1.0 Beta
A plug in for SCS. It allows you to calculate z,y,h,g,a and b parameters of a two port network.
scs-shell.zip9k00-03-31File is not ratedSCS-Shell v1.42
A shell for Roberto's Symbulator
shellq.zip9k01-06-01File is not ratedSCS-Shell v1.5 for "Symbulator Q"
This is a shell for Robertos latest stroke of genius, the "Symbulator Q". It is NOT a standalone program; Symbulator and DiffEq have to be on your calc. This shell allows you to edit the circuit matrix which is necessary to perform analysis with the "Symbulator Q".
s.zip14k13-08-09File is not ratedSymbulator 6 (Beta)
The August 8, 2013 revision of Symbulator 6 (Beta). For the latest software versions and documentation for Symbulator, visit mit.edu/symbulator
teachat.zip1k10-12-30File is not ratedTeach Chat
Chat with the calculator by teaching it possible statements. The program saves what you input and displays a random response chosen from what you inputted. Entertain yourself with responses that make sense and responses that are stupid. You can save and load the database of possible responses.
turing.zip7k00-03-02File is not ratedTuring Machine Simulator v1.0
Simulates Turing Machines, Alan Turing's generalized computer. If you don't know what that is, this program is not for you. Designed with a good UI in mind.

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