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Last updated Wednesday, 6 November 2019
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21pickup.zip2k19-11-06File is not rated21 Pickup
Remove stones in an effort to become the victor against the computer. Graphics accompany this dramatic situation. This program resembles the mathematical strategy game NIM.
aim.zip15k03-05-05File is not ratedAim 89/92+
Aim for the other tanks and be the last one remaining. I invite users to experiment with its features and other programmers to write their own strategy functions. This version experiments with keeping a score sheet and saving the player types between rounds.
alesia.zip8k03-05-06File is not ratedLink Alesia
This is a simple game where the observation of the game style of the other player is needed to win.
artillaryv1.0.zip10k03-03-09File is not ratedArtillary! v1.0
A smooth running Scorched Earth clone programmed in BASIC. You can choose the number of players and the number of rounds. At the end of each round, you can enter the shop and buy more weapons. Has great animation and lots of effects. If you are a fan of Scorched Earth, you should try this.
bowshoot.zip2k11-03-03File is not ratedBowShoot
It is tanks, but really stripped down. It has a semi-real physics machine. read the ReadMe for more information.
castles2.zip10k03-05-14File is not ratedCastles 2 FINAL (Working)
Conquer castles, while raising armies, and defending your own castle from ruthless invaders.
dec.zip13k01-03-15File is not ratedDecison: The 30 Year War v1.6
This is a world war games where you fight against 10 other countries. Text & Graphics. Save & Load Features. Can change country names.
ga.zip15k03-07-23File is not ratedGround Assault 89 v1.5.1
Ground Assault 89 v 1.5 - 2nd Anniversary Edition... The best strategy game ever for TI calculators makes its move to the TI-89! Everything you know and love about the original Ground Assault game remains, while many improvements have been made: larger 9x9 playing field for more strategy, 5 new level designs (11 levels in all), unlimited save slots (memory permitting) and an improved save file system, speedy load time (game field loads in under 10 seconds!), and a Graphical Level Editor is included! v1.5.1 fixes major bug that hindered gameplay on playfields larger than 7x7.
gorila89.zip2k98-09-27File is not ratedGorillas
Clone of the classic QBasic game.
gorilla.zip4k01-06-01File is not ratedTI-BASIC Gorillas
This port of Gorillas to the 89 features random numbers of randomly sized buildings, many adjustable options, error-free play, and fast bananna movement (really!)
pchlbl.zip1k06-01-13File is not ratedPachelbel
Small, simple game using the laws of physics to aim and fire at an enemy cannon located a random distance away from your cannon.
probottournament.zip45k04-04-13File is not ratedPro-Bot Tournament
This is a wonderful game in TI-BASIC, with the assembly librairies FLib and FLib2. You only need to program a bot and to send it into the arena, in order to fight an enemy. A Tournament (a contest, to be more precise) is organized with this game. Download it now !! Sprite for the game added (don't shoot !) ¬Ö
risk2004.zip17k04-06-18File is not ratedRisk2004
this is a copy of the great game "Risk" with AI. ce jeu est une copie du jeu "Risk" avec possibilité de jouer contre l'ordinateur
risk2.zip8k00-05-01File is not ratedRISK89
The Game of Global Domination. A short but sweet version of the classic board game. One of my first games. Plays well, some bugs. Doesn't work with the *Flash ROM* upgrade. Sorry. Aaron Ligon.
robotz.zip6k00-06-03File is not ratedRobotz Final
Robotz final version is the best clone for TI-89 of gorillas the QBasic game it as'nt got one single bug and as the possibility of recovering from any error exept, of corse, ON. You can choose between 2 diferent landscapes the mountains and the city. Robotz has got a very nice interface and features like saving the last values you entered and, like I mentioned recoverying from every error. Just try it!
stlshark_man.zip134k02-09-07File is not ratedSteel Sharks Manual
Here is the manual for the sub simulation Steel Sharks in a Microsoft Publisher file.
stlshark.zip27k02-04-12File is not ratedSteel Sharks
This is a simulation of the combat that took place between the U-boats and destroyers in World War II. You play as the U-boat against the destroyer with AI. Very nice graphics, complete with introductory cinematics!! (Be warned, the pictures take up a large amount of memory)
tactic.zip43k04-08-10File is not ratedTACTIC
Battle game in Warhammer universe. Still in development phase.
tanks.zip7k00-05-12File is not ratedTanks v1.3
A one or two player game where you control tanks and fire missiles at each other.
trooperzii.zip76k01-06-01File is not ratedTrooperz II
Trooperz II is the ultimate 2-player wargame for the ti-89 calculator. Having created your 4-unit fighting squadron using a vast list of infantry, vehicle and artillery profiles, you and your friend will be able to struggle on different battlefields, using all your strategy and perspicacity to defeat the opposite squadron. Trooperz features are:
trooperz.zip6k00-05-26File is not ratedTrooperz
'Trooperz' is a non-commercial 2-player strategy game for the TI-89 calculator. It allows you to command a fighting squadron of 4 trooperz chosen in a list of 9 profiles through 5 different battlefields. A simple toolbar lets you access to many functions such as moving/attacking trooperz, opening/saving your games, using gas attacks, consulting scores, handling memory and/or errors with the help of the 4 different plug-ins, gathering info on your own squadron or on the enemy one, and displaying help messages during the game. Moreover, the polymorph cursors of 'Trooperz' and its direct information bar visible in the main screen allow a very instinctive way of playing, where the form of the cursor automatically informs you of the different actions you can accomplish. Finally, the fast and performant fighting mode and the sophisticated trooperzs' profiles directly inspired from wargames' and role-playing games' allow you to play simple-to-handle but realistic skirmishes.
wakea.zip4k99-03-10File is not ratedWAKE a WORM Alpha
Your goal is to hit the worm.
wallz.zip6k01-01-22File is not ratedWallz
2 player strategy game. Get to your opponent's base before he gets to yours!
warfront.zip5k00-03-01File is not ratedThe War Front v1.0
A strategy game for 2 players. Command your tanks, build cities, forts, send messengers through the warzone and conquer your enemy. Merge your tanks together to make new stronger tanks. Destroy the forests to create paths for your tanks, or to make room for production. Includes several different, challenging scenarios.
warzone.zip9k00-12-01File is not ratedThe War Zone
This is the best strategy game on the TI gaming platform yet! A two player strategy game, the purpose of this game is to eliminate your opponent. The game includes diverse strategical elements. There are 4 types of buildings: the resource farm, factory, turret, and Missile Launch Pad (an amazing defense system!). Also included are 8 units (Soldier,3 types of tanks, settler, artillery, defender) The settler can even perform special functions! Manage resources, territory, defenses, and attacks to become master of The War Zone!
woar89.zip45k01-02-24File is not ratedWorms A.R.
Play against the T.I. or a friend in this worms-like game featuring bidirectionnal scrolling, an unlimited number of walking units, random generated destroyable landscape, many weapons,...
worldwariii.zip18k03-05-11File is not ratedWorld War III
World War III is a strategy game for 2 to 4 human players on the same calculator that simulates what might have happened if we would have had a third World War. Players can be either USA, NATO, USSR, or China, and can nuke and invade their opponents into oblivion. Includes a BASIC grayscale introduction screen, loading and saving up to 10 games, and a complete help file. World War III consists of dialog boxes only, with no graphics, but it is still a fun game to play with your friends.
worm89.zip1k98-09-11File is not ratedWorm 89 v1.32
Ported from the TI-92. A classic worms game where you must guide the worm to eat the dots.
zeewar.zip12k00-08-20File is not ratedZeeWar v1
ZeeWar is a war strategy game. Develop your own army, buy new units, and destroy your opponent's army. For 2 players on same calc.

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