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Number of files 3
Last updated Thursday, 21 March 2002
Total downloads 8,425
Most popular file  [8 Grays] Patriotic Eagle with 3,051 downloads.

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eagle.zip4k02-01-01[8 Grays] Patriotic Eagle
This is an awesome picture of a bald eagle with an American flag superimposed on its face. Check it out! (This file requires DoorsOS.)
findbird.zip5k02-03-21[8 Grays] - Find the Hidden Bird
Look closely, think intuitively, and see if you can find the hidden bird! Requires DoorsOS or comparable to run.
weirdal.zip5k02-01-01[8 Grays] Weird Al Yankovic
This is a grayscale picture of Weird Al Yankovic, the best musician on the whole planet. You'll need DoorsOS to run it.

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