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Last updated Friday, 16 March 2012
Total downloads 291,596
Most popular file  Nibbles 68k v4.2 with 33,865 downloads.

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bnibbles.zip107k05-09-12File rated 7.36Bnibbles v1.2.1
Nibbles, written in C. Some features not found in your typical nibbles clone are AI and a sprite editor. The two screenshots are of me doing a little random editing and the ai playing with those edited sprites. New in v1.2.1, it keeps track of what speed you played at last time in the config file.
bookworm.zip153k05-10-17File is not ratedBookworm v. 1.0
Do you know the alphabet by heart? And under pressure? Try out this snake-like-game to prove that. It is a clone of an old "cpc 464"-game. Just right for a little game-session. Features: for all 68k-calculator, grayscale, hiscore, variable speed and 10 levels... etc.
chronibbles.zip12k06-10-08File is not ratedChroNibbles v1.2
Guide the "Snake" using the arrow keys to the "apple" (black circle) to gain points. As you eat each "apple" the length of the "snake" will increase. Be sure not to run into the screen boundaries or yourself or you'll lose! This version includes pause feature and more optimized code.
cloudysnake.zip82k03-09-03File is not ratedCloudy Snake
Certainly the best Snake(or Nibbles) game for TI-68k. It features: * Two Player mode with the link * GrayScales Graphix * 30 original levels and a Level Editor to do your own levels * very good gameplay * 3 different games
cnibbles.zip6k00-08-11File is not ratedCnibbles
CNibbles is a clone of the classic nibbles game that is written in C. Full source code is included. The author used this program to begin learning C, and he hopes that others can learn from the source.
ctron.zip6k01-12-16File is not ratedCTron
A tron game written in C. It has multiple enemies and AI so you don't have to drag a friend over.
hsnake.zip8k02-01-15File is not ratedHungry Snake
A nibbles type game with enemy snakes and balls that try to kill you. Programmed in C using TIGCC. Nostub.
hssnake.zip3k02-01-02File is not ratedHigh Speed Snake
A very fast and simple version of Snake.
joenibbles.zip14k05-09-04File is not ratedNibbles by Joe Pinsonault
Its a normal nibbles game - move around, eat the apples, don't die. Programmed in C with tigcc. Great (in my opinion) for begginer tigcc programmers, might help someone learn C. You can change speed and it keeps 3 highscores(1 for each speed)
maza.zip17k01-03-24File is not ratedMazacuata
The coolest snake I've seen on any TI calc and the first that uses grayscale. It has four different snakes to choose from, the compressed version is smaller than 4KB, and it's NOSTUB, so it doesn't need any kernel to run. Available in English and Spanish.
mrworm.zip44k05-03-19File rated 8.60MrWorm v2.01
This game is a nibble-like game, but instead of moving in 4 directions, you can move in 40 directions. If you like Uncle Worm, than you will like this game. In this new version I re-coded 90% of the game: lots of optimizations were done and I added a high score table where you can enter your name and a pause key [F1].
neo_snake.zip7k04-06-19File is not ratedNeoSnake
Another snake game, with many options (speed, game appearance...) and level editing. Game in french but documentation is both in french and english.
nibbleclassic.zip10k02-07-22File is not ratedNibbles -Classic- v 1.03
Just a classic Nibble,with nice graphic,written in C using TIGCC,so no need of kernels,library....Very Complete,you can choose between 3 Modes, 5 speed levels and highscores...See the Readme to see what is new in this version... NOTE:you can download the source of the game in the 'source' section...
nibbles2.zip5k01-06-01File is not ratedNibbles 89
Bugfixes to my old nibbles 89 program. Grayscale nibbles that saves highscore externally
nibbles68k89.zip11k07-01-13File is not ratedNibbles 68k v4.2
The classic maze and snake game. You are a snake who travels around eating apples and growing larger until you get to the next maze. Don't hit the wall.
nibblesp.zip37k01-01-04File is not ratedNibbles Pro
You most certainly know Nibbles - well, this is my personal favourite version :) fun gameplay, with or w/o levels, highscores, good gfx and much more! in only 10 kb...
nibblesxx.zip73k01-09-09File is not ratedNibblesXX v2.00
NibblesXX is a great looking nibbles/rattler race type game for the TI-89 & 92 plus.
nibblesx.zip39k01-06-19File is not ratedNibblesX 1.2.1
Fixed major bug in Nibblesx-1.2
nibbles.zip13k03-07-21File is not ratedNibbles
Written in C by GLR .The classic nibbles game with 10 different levels and speed steps. Version 1.4. French and English versions included.
oddsnake.zip11k05-11-19File is not ratedOddsnake v1.15 for Ti89 and Ti89t
The purpose is very simple,you are a starving snake and you want to eat all bubbles you find to become longer and longer. You are an oddsnake because you can go throught the little "wall". That's all! The score depends on the speed and maze which can be changed in 'Options' it decreases during the game when the snake moves 40 times. The highscore and options are saved in an external file "oddsave" so you can archive "oddsnake" and your score will be saved!
pythonc_english.zip76k07-08-20File is not ratedPythonc v1.00
Oh no ! Another nibble or other snake ! Yes but this snake is in 4 grayscale, has wonderful graphics and a lot of bonus. It has been programmed in C language with TIGCC in nostub mode. In brief, an unpretentious game but very pleasant to play. It adapts automatically to the TI-89/89T/92 Plus/V200. Try it ! The hiscores bug is now removed.
pythonc_franais.zip274k03-10-25File is not ratedPythonc
Oh non, encore un nibble ou autre serpent! Oui mais ce serpent est en 4 niveaux de gris, a de superbes graphismes et un tas de bonus. Il a été programmé en C avec TIGCC et en mode nostub. Bref, un jeu sans prétention mais très agréable à jouer. Il s'adapte automatiquement à la TI-89/92 PLus/V200. Essayez-le !
radnib.zip9k02-09-30File is not ratedRadial Nibbles
everyone knows nibbles, the snake game, here is a versin in which you use 2 keys to make the snake turn. It's fast, fun and has a 5-names high score; if you manage to beat me mail me....
serpmem.zip13k02-09-27File is not ratedserpmen
nibbles like
snake24.zip5k04-04-15File is not ratedSnake24
I uploaded this before, but only put in the source code and completely forgot the compiled version (made with tigcc). So anyways, here is the file that you actually put on the calculator instead of the source.
snake2.zip3k02-06-08File is not ratedserpmem
snake89_by_thes.zip30k12-03-16File is not ratedSnake89
===== ENGLISH DESCRIPTION ===== Please excuse the bad English. This classical Snake-game (so far without a highscore) is my first greater TIGCC-Project, so don't expect any special features. But the game has three different skill levels and two kins of fruit and - if your teacher comes - a function to switch off the calculator an returns to pause mode when switching on again. :-))) In the game help is standing "Press [HOME] to exit and save game" but this does only work temporary (As soon as you exit the game completely, you have to restart.) And sorry for the bad animation. Real it's better. ===== GERMAN DESCRIPTION ===== Dieses klassische Snake-Game (leider noch ohne Highscore) ist mein erstes grösseres TIGCC-Projekt. Erwartet also keine Special Features. Das Game hat jedoch drei verschiedene Geschwindigkeiten, es tauchen verschiedene Früchte auf und - falls der Lehrer kommt - eine Funtion, die den Taschenrechner sofort ausschaltet und beim Einschalten ins Pausemenü zurückkehrt. :-))) Die Angabe "Press [HOME] to exit and save game" im Hilfemenü bezieht sich momentan nur auf temporäre Speicherung (Sobald man das Game beendet, ist fertig und es geht von vorne los.) Und Sorry wegen der schlechten Animation des Screenshot.
snake89.zip4k02-08-17File is not ratedSnake v3.1
Includes The classic Snake 1 plus Snake 2. Also includes multiplayer gameplay over the link. This version comes with a Highscore table. Snake runs on AMS 2.00 and higher.
snakeii.zip45k08-01-22File is not ratedSnake II
This is the clone of the famous game on Nokia. Make the snake grow longer by directing it to the food. Avoid hitting the walls and your own tail. Eat the bonus food before the time expires. It's a french game.
snake.zip3k00-11-06File is not ratedSnake
A nibbles clone
snaky.zip81k04-07-06File is not ratedSnaky 1.2
This is the classic snake game!
titron.zip2k03-12-17File is not ratedTi Tron
A port of TI TRON by Alex Beresovsky. This program was written using TIGCC. Arrows move. Hit ESC during the score screen to exit.
tron_89.zip4k02-02-25File is not ratedTron 89
This is the first Phil Software TI-89 assembly game. The game is an enhanced version of TRON, a snakes-type game. The object is make the other snake crash into the wall or into you. There are bonus-power ups, which can help you out. This is really worth downloading. Version 1.4
tronia.zip10k03-03-06File is not ratedTron By Speederman
A Tron game (two players and IA)
tronwars.zip121k06-02-02File is not ratedTron Wars v1.01
Tron Wars is a Tron Clone coded in C. Unique Features of Tron Wars is very strange AI and nice menus. Tron Wars is capable of running on the TI-89 (titanium), TI-92+ and Voyage 200. Version 1.01 offers the removal of annoying, yet harmless warning messages in the compiler and is compiled with GCC 4.1.0 TIGCC Pre5.
tron.zip20k04-08-22File is not ratedTron
This is the classic game of tron for 2 players. Link Play support included. This program is TI-89 Titanium compatible.
vermis.zip106k03-07-09File is not ratedvermis v0.2c (English, Français)
What is it? Vermis (thats worm in Latin) Oh! Just another nibbles like game? No! This one can be 100% customized before each game! (make that 200% for v0.2) new in v0.2b : French language version added v0.2c : bug fixed
vttron.zip3k04-10-07File is not ratedVery Tiny Tron
The classic Light Cycle game for two players, implemented in under 1kiB.
vtworm.zip4k04-10-07File is not ratedVery Tiny Worm
Worm, AKA Nibbles, a game where you steer a worm to eat all the food, growing longer all the time and avoiding your own tail. Optionally compiles under 1kiB.
wormwar.zip6k00-07-28File is not ratedWorm War v1.0
Worm War is a game where you control a worm and try to trap the others. The worms grow when their heads move, shrink when their heads stop, and die when their tail catches their head. You get 1 point each time another worm dies. You get an extra life for every 20 points, up to 6 lives at a time. Both doors and nostub versions are included.
worm.zip69k01-06-01File is not ratedWorm v0.8
A nibbles/worm like game but with the option of variable angle turning, new features include: a large speed increase, improved sprites, a better title screen, a French version, better turning at high speeds, many bug fixes, grayscale background in game (optional), and worm size option.

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