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Last updated Tuesday, 2 February 2010
Total downloads 19,855
Most popular file  Planets Spreadsheet with 2,415 downloads.

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alternat.zip9k09-04-11Alternate History
What if the United States invaded Canada in the Revolution? Sorry about the spelling mistakes, this is a work in progress.
bounce.zip2k06-11-20'Bounce' for Sketchy
This is a small animation of a bouncing ball, best results at 10 speed.
canonind.zip1k08-08-24Canon in D for Omnicalc
This program plays Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel if you have Omnicalc installed on your calculator. You must have a way to listen to audio for this to work (i.e. a mono to stereo jack plugged into your i.o. port on your calculator and headphones plugged into the stereo end of the jack.) I will not answer questions relating to use of omnicalc because I do not know how to use it that well. All I know is that this program plays Canon in D on my calculator. Thanks for downloading the best song in the world! :-)
combatsketches.zip2k05-10-11Double Combat Pack
This pack includes a Samurai and Combat sketch. You must have the Sketchy Flash App for this.
A very funny sketchy movie I made durring class one day. If i told you more it would ruin it!
goldenre.zip1k05-07-17Golden Rectangle
This is an animation of the Golden Rectangle that runs using the Sketchy Application. *IT IS NOT PERFECT* I beleive it is not a perfect golden rectangle, because of the even number of pixels on the screen.
A really cool movie I made during class again. Different than tank. Enjoy
ionmario.zip16k05-11-19Ion v1.6 and Super Mario v1.2 for TI-83 under Emu8x
Too lazy to wait around for things to be sent to your emulated TI-83? Send these appvars to your calc and and use Emu8x's "load" feature to play Super Mario 3: World 1 in uber slow-mo.
matrix.zip2k06-03-26The Matrix
A cool matrix video
planets.zip1k03-12-01Planets Spreadsheet
A CellSheet file containting in-depth data about each planet in the solar system. Great for astronomy class!
This is a save of Pyoro that has all 3 modes unlocked!
U-Boat Animation for skechy on the TI-83+. Notes: This is a big file, not reconmended, yet not tested, for the TI-83+. it takes up 22 030 bytes of archive
stickm11.zip2k04-04-09StickMan Car Accident (for Sketchy)
This is an animation for Sketchy and just a little something i made up at school for fun hope you enjoy!
zeldasketches.zip5k05-10-11Triple Zelda Sketch Pack
These animations include 2 Link sketches and a Zelda Logo sketch. To watch these, you must have the Sketchy Flash App.

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