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Number of files 11
Last updated Wednesday, 10 February 2021
Total downloads 36,951
Most popular file  Piccolo vs Frieza (8 Greys) with 6,291 downloads.

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americanflagwithwavingstr.zip8k08-12-20American Flag( With Waving stripes) (App Version
This is the App version of the American Flag. This screen saver displays the American Flag (without using up one of your pic storage!) with waving stripes. Please read the readme for more info.
animations.zip5k09-09-02Stick Figure Fighting
Three Sketchy animations are included. Beware, there is some blood from swords and guns. Batman: Featuring Batman and sword/gun action. The best and longest. Best at speeds 8-9. Cloud: Based off of Cloud and Sephiroth from FFVII. Featuring swordplay and magic. High quality swordplay. Best at speed 9. Sephiroth: Again, based off of Cloud and Sephoiroth from FFVII. Featuring swordplay and gunplay. Sweet and to the point. Best at speed 10. Please leave reviews and suggestions for future battles if you like these.
ariel.zip13k03-10-13Little Mermaid meets Stitch
This is part of the Lilo & Stitch trailer featuring Ariel, the Little Mermaid.
frieza.zip13k03-10-19Piccolo vs Frieza (8 Greys)
Though choppy, here's the 1st 83+ App featuring 8 level greyscale, much less an animation.
gohan.zip29k03-10-23Gohan Clips
Here's 2 clips ripped from a music video. If someone could show me how to make multipage apps my sound and video apps would be longer, thus more enjoyable.
martialartssketchypack.zip1k09-03-15Martial Arts Sketchy Pack
This is a pack of (currently) 2 Sketchy Animations. More are coming. 1. Fighting stance 2. Dashing Sword Stab
matrix.zip2k06-03-14The Matrix
Its a flash animation...of the matrix...
prgmtrick.zip12k04-01-28A Simple Trick
A trick I formulated. When you run it, it displays DONE. Try to run anything from the home screen, and nothing will happen! Hehehehe!
sketchyanimations.zip8k04-05-16Sketchy Animations
This file contains 1 sketchy variable(animation), 3 groups of animations, and a screenshot.
stickwars.zip14k05-12-12Stick Wars (conversion of the Flash Movie)
This is Stick Wars, conversion of the flash movie Stickwars for the app Sketchy, Download it and have fun!!!!!!!
Burger your friends with TI-Burger! Uses multi-level grayscale!

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