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Last updated Monday, 2 January 2006
Total downloads 188,293
Most popular file  Phoenix X with 32,389 downloads.

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superphoenix.zip6k06-01-02Ergonomic [funny] Phoenix - 3.3 mod
I was thrilled when I dug up this Phoenix mod. It is hilarious, you must try it out...
phoenixz.zip81k05-10-17Phoenix Z v1.1
Phoenix Z is the first-ever Phoenix 3.3 modification, meaning that it has normal and inverted play, contrast adjustment, and background walls that you can turn on or off. In this update, there are still 5 levels of difficulty and 5 speeds (measured in mps), and some improved sprites. Also, the high scores have been made more fair, and it has been fully tested for glitches, making this one of the best Phoenix games for the 83/4+!
phoenixg.zip6k05-09-04gEEk Phoenix
This is yet another modification of Phoenix. I made this to learn how to compile ASM programs for Mirage OS. it has a neat twist with the weapons.
mainmir.zip6k05-03-19An Interesting Version of Phoenix
In this version of Pheonix, everything costs $100, but here's the catch: You cannot restore your health. Source code available upon request, see the readme file for details!
steelphx.zip271k05-03-02Steel Phoenix
My own representation of Patrick Davidson's origional phoenix. Includes required files for building for TI-83/83+/SE/84/84+/SE. Older calcs need other files to build.
goldphoenix5.zip6k04-11-04Gold Phoenix 5.0
Finally I get time to upload this. Download now! Look at out website to find the PhxGamers, Inc. Phoenix Level Editor. It should appear soon!
xtremephoenix.zip15k04-10-07X-treme Phoenix
This is another variation of Phoenix. I've changed some stuff and added some. For example: sprites, weapons, game modes, and more. Give it a try. My friends liked it so it should be good.
phoenixtiny.zip61k04-09-27Tiny Phoenix
If you want a new spin on an old favorite, try Tiny Phoenix! It features 5 speeds, 5 difficulty levels, and inverted play. However, all sprites are very small, creating new challenges and new advantages. 83+ and 83 versions are included. Try it out!
messedphoenix7.zip5k04-09-18Messed Phoenix 7
yet another version of phoenix. although this version was made for the people who quite beat the game yet.
phoenixplus.zip44k04-05-16Phoenix Plus - Version 3.0
First Public Release of Phoenix Plus. It includes 5 levels of difficulty and speed. Also, it has nice new images.
gphx4.zip6k04-05-14Gold Phoenix v4.0
This version has more cheats than ever before and it can be much more difficult. Now those "Experts" can test their skills with "Master". I doubt you will be able to beat it. Have fun.
shadpho2.zip14k04-01-19Shadow Phoenix Version 2.0
This is the last version of Shadow Phoenix. It is updated and better with more cheats.
starphox.zip14k03-12-28Star Phoenix Version 1.0
This is a remake of Phoenix. It has graphics that are suppsoed to resemble Star Wars figures. E-mail me to adjust graphics.
shadowphox.zip14k03-12-22Shadow Phoenix Version 1.0
Cool new Phoenix mod! Contains new ranks and new speed.
cheatphoenix.zip196k03-12-16Cheat Phoenix
2nd release, started off with a new source, so i remade all of the characters, next and final release will include secret keycodes to activate cheats? Which cheats... Find out soon
cheatpheonix.zip186k03-12-03Cheat Pheonix
Modified version of Allecto X, this game has cheaper store prices (WAY CHEAP) and modified graphics... more coming soon!
goldphx2.zip78k03-11-12Gold Phoenix 2.0
This might just be the last release of Gold Phoenix since I have added a new Difficulty for beginners to the TI-83Plus and to Phoenix. I have also added two new speeds, Super Slow and Ultra Fast. A must download.
iondphx3.zip83k03-11-12Dark Phoenix 3.0
Here it is! Dark Phoenix 3.0 with more features than ever! A must download!
leetphoenix83.zip5k03-11-12Leet Phoenix for TI-83 plus
Yet another version of phoenix. But this is better because it's leet.
mirdphoenix2.zip79k03-10-27Dark Phoenix for MirageOS 2.0
Here it is version 2 of Dark Phoenix for MirageOS.
mirdarkphx1.zip78k03-10-27Dark Phoenix for MirageOS 1.0
Here it is the mirageOS version of Dark Phoenix.
iongphx.zip83k03-10-23Gold Phoenix for Ion
Well I finally made up my mind and decided to release this. Made some changes from the MirageOS version. Hope you have fun!
allecto_x.zip50k03-10-06Allecto X
Allecto X is a modification to Phoenix. Phoenix is an advanced shoot-em-up game for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. This game has very smooth gameplay (over 30 frames per second) with many objects onscreen. Its features include many different types of enemies, many different levels, the ability to buy additional items, five possible weapons for your ship, game saving, a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, and multiple speeds, and external levels. The game takes less than 8K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code. The program is in public domain so it may be copied or modified without any restrictions.
gphx.zip80k03-10-01Gold Phoenix
A special version of Phoenix. Now with a New Super Fast speed and an Expert Difficulty. That makes 4 Difficulties and 3 Speeds.
phxen.zip134k03-10-01Phoenix Enhanced
This is my first time i've ever done ANYTHING with Assembly for the TI-83 Plus. Anyways, this edit for Phoenix features a new player graphic, new weapon graphics, a slight change in the Phoenix Shop, and a slight change in the levels...I hope you like it...I should make a better edit sometime soon...but until then, enjoy I guess.
dphoenix2.zip85k03-09-21Dark Pheonix
Version 2 with NEW Super Fast speed. More surprises will be in version 3!
Goober is a modified version of Phoenix. You'll notice the changes after a while, and theres also a cheat button (but I won't say what it is :D, check the Phoenix source to find it).
zphoenix.zip12k03-09-19Zero Phoenix
Yet another Version of Phoenix. NEW SUPER FAST MODE!
darkphx1.zip85k03-09-13Dark Phoenix
My old little altered version of phoenix finally lives! I have been looking for the tools to compile this thing for a long time. Now that I found them I can release this.
phoenixancient.zip11k03-09-08Ancient Phoenix
Yet another version of Phoenix. New weapons, new ship, etc. FEATURES A NEW SUPERFAST MODE!!!!!!
futurephoenix.zip5k03-09-08Future Phoenix
Yet another version of Phoenix. New weapons, new ship, etc. FEATURES A NEW SUPERFAST MODE!!!!!!
phantomphx.zip266k03-03-09Phantom Phoenix 2.0
Phantom Phoenix is a custom made game with the graphics from Phantom Star (Joe Pemberton) and the gameplay from Phoenix. (Patrick Davidson) Fairly complete, with most enemies, weapons, ships, and icons embedded into the game. In version 3.0, I will include enemy routines from Phantom Star, as well as bosses.
phoenix_x.zip81k02-10-17Phoenix X
Phoenix X is a Phoenix 2.0 modification with new and improved graphics, as well as some other minor fixes.

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