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integral1.zip1k13-01-02File is not ratedINTEGRAL
INTEGRAL: This program lets you integrate a function from A to B with the fnInt(-function. You use X for the variable, and get the numerical value. Then you get an estimate with Simpson's method for 100 intervals. Only 196 bytes. INTEGRA1: This is basically the same program as the one above. However it uses Simpson's method with cubic interpolation, ( Simpson's 3/8 rule ) instead of quadratic interpolation, wich is normally used.
derivata.zip1k12-12-22File is not ratedDerivatives
These are the formulas for most sorts of derivatives. If you know them you should be able to find the derivative of almost any function. Now with L' Hopital's rule.
derivata1.zip19k12-12-22File is not ratedDerivatives
This program gives you most sorts of derivatives, when you input their primitive functions. Use A for constant, and F(X) and G(X) for functions other than, sin, cos, tan, ln, log, e^x, 10^(x), etc. If you input F(X)/G(X), the program will give: (F'(X)G(X)-F(X)G'(X))/G(X)^2. If you input: A^X, the program gives, ln(A)*A^X. If you input: sin(X) ( Don't forget the right hand bracket! ), the program will give, cos(X). The program also has L' Hopital's rule: Input F(A)=G(A)=0, you'll see.
zeta.zip3k09-11-01File is not ratedZeta Function
This is the zeta function, for all TI's except the TI-73.
tabzz.zip7k08-12-07File is not ratedTableau de variation
(prog in french ) Tableau de variation, avec limites. Version 1.02, 6 dec. 2008
zarea.zip1k05-04-14File is not ratedZAREA 2.0
Find the Area under a standard normal distribution from 0, Infinity, Neg. Infinity, and Another Z Score. Correctly works with negitive Z Scores.
derive.zip2k04-08-23File is not ratedDerive
This program gives an exact (!) equation of the derivated formula of a given expression. Example: cos(2x+3) gives -2sin(2x+3)
deriv83.zip14k04-07-11File is not ratedderiv83
Now there's something convenient for your 83! you can check for derivatives! Just make sure you have multiple choices given! Just check out the screenshot!
derivativeformulas83.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedDerivative Formulas
It shows you Derivatives for Trig Functions, Inverse Trig Functions, Hyperbolic Trig Functions, Hyperbolic Inverse Trig Functions, Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Chain Rule, Sum and Difference Rule, Derivative of Logarithms, Derivative of Natural Logarithms, Derivative of e, and the Derivative of a^x. It has all of the derivative formulas you'll need.
centroid_83.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedCentroid
Enter f(x), g(x), lower bound, and upper bound, and it wil give you the centroid.
betweencurves83.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedArea Between Curves
Enter f(x), g(x), lower bound, and upper bound, and it will give you the area between the two curves.
arclength83.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedArc Length of a Curve
Enter f(x), lower bound, and upper bound, and it will tell you the arc length of the curve.
ap_calculus_83.zip1k04-06-07File is not ratedAP Calculus I (TI-83)
If you're taking Calculus or you're going to take Calculus, you will definitely need this program. It will save you lots of time and work that you will have to struggle with for about 30 minutes when this program does it in about 5 minutes. It will find Area Between Curves, Volume of Circular Revolution Around a Vertical Line and Around a Horizontal Line, Centroid, Arc Length, Surface Area of Revolution, Definite Integral of a function from A to B, Riemann Sums (Area Approximations - Left, Right, Midpoint, Trapezoid, and Simpson's Rules), Nth Derivative (based on power rule) Nth Antiderivative (based on power rule), and Root Approximation Methods (Newton, Bisection, and Secant Methods). It will do so much for you and it will really help you in Calculus. Now download this program onto your Calculator, and head on to Calculus and see how helpful it is!
auc.zip1k04-05-19File is not ratedArea under a curve
This program will find the area under the curve and the x-axis. It will calculate the total area below and above the x-axis.
fldslope.zip1k04-04-30File is not ratedSlope Field v1.2
Slope Field v1.2 simplifies the process of creating and analyzing slope fields in calculus. This program provides a variety of tools for slope fields: you can enter a differential equation, render the resultant field, edit the window settings, find the slope value at a specific (x,y) point, and trace an antiderivative over the field to verify that it is correct. Doors CS v4.0+ optimized.
calculus_formulas_83.zip1k04-02-18File is not ratedCalculus Formulas
It shows basic formulas for Calculus. Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Chain Rule, Definition of a Derivative, Slope of the Tangent Line, Slope of the Secant Line, Average Rate of Change, Mean Value Theorem, and Rules for Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes.
power_rule_solver_83.zip1k04-02-17File is not ratedPower Rule Solver
Finds the Derivative of the function using the Power Rule.
areauc83.zip1k04-01-28File is not ratedArea Under Curve v1.0 (Monte Carlo Method)
This useful program will approximate the area under a curve or line to arbitrary accuracy using the Monte Carlo method. The realtime progress meter shows how far the program has progressed for time-consuming high accuracy calculations, and the standard interface makes it easy to navigate. Doors Cs v4.0 optimized.
antiderv83.zip1k04-01-28File is not ratedAntiDerivative v1.0
Do you take Calculus? Have you ever wanted to perform a quick antiderivation? Now you can! simply plug in the antiderivative of cx^n dx, and this nifty program will find the original equation in the form zx^p+C. Excellent graphics and interface; Doors CS v4.0 optimized.
calculus83.zip1k04-01-08File is not ratedCalculus Graphing Program
This program is useful for students in calculus. You can choose from one curve or between two curves. It will give you area between curves, volume of circular revolution of between two curves,
area_under_curve_83.zip1k04-01-03File is not ratedApproximating Area under a curve
enter a function, lower bound, upper bound, and the amount of equal subintervals and it will find the area using four methods, left rectangle area method, right rectangle area method, midpoint rectangle area method, and trapezoid rule.
derive83.zip1k03-11-14File is not ratedDerive v1.0
This powerful program performs the non-implicit differentiation of any function f(x) to find f'(x), including f(x)=cx^n, f(x)=cx, f(x)=c, f(x)=ax/bx, and f(x)=ax*bx. It even finds the six major triginometric identities for derivation. A perfect tool for calculus students!
riemann83.zip1k03-08-17File is not ratedRiemann Sums
This program computes left, right, midpoint, and trapezoidal sums for a given function over a given interval. It also draws the rectangular or trapezoidal regions under the graph. Also included is the definite integral over the region. This is a similar version of my 83+ Riemann Sum program. However, since the 83 does not support lower case letters, this version was necessary.
integration.zip21k03-07-16File is not ratedIntegration (Numerical)
It calculates the numerical integration.
raiz.83p1k03-07-16File is not ratedRoot Finder
It calculates the root of a given function by the method Bissection, Newton...
diffeq2.zip1k03-03-06File is not ratedDiff. Eq. 2
This program will solve a set of two linear ordinary differential equations. Just enter the 2 by 2 matrix and the program will find the two Eigen Values, define the equilibrium point, and give you the solutions.
precal83.zip4k03-03-05File is not ratedPreCalculus Programs
A collection of programs from my precal book, Precalculus with Limits A Graphing Approach. Check readme for specifics.
calc83.zip31k02-06-16File is not ratedCalculus 1 and 2 Pack v1.2
Included programs: algebra/geometry/trigonometry formulas, ram graphs, maclaurin series, volume and rotation of a solid, ram/trapezoid, test for convergence, projectile motion, table of domain/range/derivatives/integrals of 12 trig functions and 4 other log/expo functions, exact value/infinite domain of trig functions, Euler's method, improved Euler's method, Runge-Kutta's Method, Newton's method, slope field, and partial sums of a recursive series.
runge83.zip1k02-06-16File is not ratedRunge Kutta's Method v1.1
Numerical solution for differential equations. Same as Improved Euler's method, but more accurate. Table and graph option included.
improved83.zip1k02-06-16File is not ratedImproved Euler's Method v1.1
Numerical solution for differential equations. Same as Euler's method, but more accurate. Table and graph option included.
est83.zip1k02-06-16File is not ratedRAM and Trapezoid v1.1
Estimates the integral with trapezoid and ram with the option to run each method after another and input a, b, and n again.
domainrg83.zip1k02-06-16File is not ratedDomain, Range, Derivatives, and Integrals v1.1
Displays the domain, range, derivative, and integral of 12 trig functions and 4 other log/expo function separated by categories.
newton_raphson.zip1k02-05-28File is not ratedNewton-Raphson
Just a program to calculate the intersection of the X-axis and a graph (using the Newton(-Raphson)-method).
newton83.zip1k02-05-22File is not ratedNewton's Method v1.1
Finds the zeros of any function with Newton's method.
euler83.zip1k02-05-22File is not ratedEuler's Method v1.1
Numerical solution for differential equations. Table and graph option included.
eulerde.zip1k02-05-12File is not ratedEuler's Method v1.11
This program displays and solves differential equations using Euler's Method.
sector83.zip1k02-03-09File is not ratedSector83
This is a great program for anyone in Honors Precalculus or higher. It will calculate any part of a sector (arc length, area, radius, or angle) using only two of the remaining parts. It has every possible combination, so this is a very useful program. Download it today!!
trapezr83.zip9k02-03-03File is not ratedTrapezoidal Rule v1.0
This program does the Trapezoidal Rule for you. It estimates areas under curves using this method. It's nice to use it to check your answers, if you are in calculus. In the future I will make a program that also shows all steps.
simpsonr83.zip10k02-03-03File is not ratedSimpson's Rule v1.0
This program does the Simpson's Rule for you. It estimates areas under curves using this method. It's nice to use it to check your answers, if you are in calculus. In the future I will make a program that also shows all steps.
diffeq83.zip1k02-03-02File is not rated2-Point Differential Equation Solver
This program is designed to solve a differential equatio give two points and the amount of time necessary.
calculs83.zip5k02-03-01File is not ratedCalculs v2.04
nouvelle version de Calculs ! qui inclut une extension de calcul formel (le programme reconnait plus de 800 racines carrées et les simplifie)
newton.83p1k02-02-16File is not ratedNewton
uses newton's method to find zeroes of any equation
newtonsm1.5.zip12k01-12-22File is not ratedNEWTONSM1.5
This is a Calculus program that does the Newton's method approximation for you. You enter a function and your first guess, X0. The program finds the values of X1 and f(X1) and returns them to you. The program keeps doing that for x2, x3, x4, and x5. It stops automatically once the value of f(Xn) is between -0.0001 and 0.0001 (so that it has at least three zeros after the decimal). That is considered to be an accurate approximation, so you don't need the rest of the values. This version fixes an issue with Y0 variable from the previous version. The program does the Newton's method and shows you all the values you need.
deriv3.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedDerivative Graph
This program will graph the derivative of a function.
calculus2.zip2k01-08-10File is not ratedCalculus! v. 1.0
These programs include everything you'll need in calculus. From definite integration and approximations to conic sections and moments of inertia, this package has it all!
anormal.zip1k01-07-15File is not ratedArea under the normal curve.
This is a program, which calculate the probability under the normal curve. Graphically displays results.
simpson.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedSimpson's Rule for Approximation of Definite Integration
To make a long story short, this rule sucks. If you're taking calculus at above the basic level, you should know this. It's a lot of work, and it's difficult to remember. This program does all the work for you; the only thing you'll need to do, is to write the answer down on the sheet of paper. Plain and simple. And it's easy to use, too!
intgraph.zip3k01-05-31File is not ratedIntegral
This program will graph the integral of a function. It will also numerically evaluate it using the trapezoid method.
eulers.zip3k01-05-31File is not ratedEuler's Method
Graphs an initial value ordinary differential equation using Euler’s method. The second program included is a fix that clears the lists and string used in for the program.
diffeq1.zip6k01-05-31File is not ratedDiff. Eq. 1
This program will solve linear, homogeneous, constant-coefficient, second order differential equations of the form: aY” + bY’ + cY =0.
impeuler.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedEuler Improved Method
Euler program which uses the Improved Euler Method and puts it in a table using the list editor.
integral2.zip2k01-03-11File is not ratedIntegral
This program uses the integral to find: Arc Length, Area, Volume, Surface Area, or any integration. All that you have to provide is a function (or two) and two bounds. It can also find and use the intersections of two functions for bounds (the "meat" of my Newton5 program). Feel free to send me an email. I'd love to hear back from someone.
trapezoid.zip1k01-03-01File is not ratedTrapezoid Approximation of Integral
These problems always annoy me, so I created a program to do them for me
newton5.zip1k01-02-24File is not ratedNewton5
Newton5 finds the roots of equations for you. This program displays the graph in split screen so you can accurately guess the root of the equation. It also allows you to use the same function multiple times. It saves typing time when a function has multiple roots.
niceice.zip2k01-02-07File is not ratedNice Ice v3.5
NEW FEATURES: 1)Summation 2)Area under a curve 3)RRAM, LRAM, MRAM also draws it for you 4)Trapezoid & Simpson - - - NICE ICE IS THE ULTIMATE MATH PROGRAM**** IT DOES EVERYTHING! Distance Formula, Mid-Point Formula, Finds Slope, HAS A GREAT QUADRATIC EQN SOLVER, Finds perpendicular unit vectors, solves any system of equations up to 3 variables, average rate of change AND MUCH MORE!!!!! This program is good all the way up through CALCULUS **THE ONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE THIS PROGRAM IS LOST*** - Chinese Proverb
deriv1.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedDeriv v1.0
deriv version 1.0
integrl1.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedIntegral
Calculates the area between two function within an interval.
newrapm.zip1k00-11-24File is not ratedNewton-Raphson-Method
A program with the Newton-Raphson-Method
deriv2.zip1k00-10-10File is not ratedDerivative Solver
A smal solver.
limitfr.zip2k00-10-07File is not ratedLimit v3.0 (French)
Only (well..) for the frenchies : this is LIMIT 3.0 with added features like ASYMPTOTES.(les verticales, horizontales....)
limit2.zip3k00-10-07File is not ratedLimit v3.0
precalc3.zip2k00-09-17File is not ratedPrecalculus beta
A very helpful precalc program. More features will be added in the final version.
calcpack.zip1k00-06-27File is not ratedCalc Pack v1.0
Download if you're going into Calculus I. Contains Euler's Method, Riemann sums using left, mid, right, trap, and Simpson methods, and Slopefield for graphing differential equations.
integral.zip1k00-06-21File is not ratedIndefinite Integral Grapher
Graphs a function and its antiderivative on the same axes.
deriv.zip3k00-06-21File is not ratedDerivatives
Calculates 1st--7th derivatives. Useful for Taylor polynomials.
trap2.zip3k00-05-26File is not ratedTrapezoidal Rule
Estimates a definite integral using the trapezoidal rule. Also graphs the function and the trapezoids.
newton3.zip1k00-05-26File is not ratedNewton's Root Approximation
Finds a zero of a function using Newton's method. Not a subroutine.
apcalc.zip1k00-05-16File is not ratedLimits + Integrals for AP Calc
The acrhive include two very useful programs one is for finding limits and another for finding area under the curve using 4 different types of rectangles -left,right,mid and trapeziod. Also There is an option to graph them in any order
der.zip1k00-05-16File is not ratedDerivative Solver
Solves the derivative and shows the answer in the terms of the variables. Example:X^2 will give us 2x^1
avgint.zip1k00-05-16File is not ratedAverage Integral
Help students to figure out the average integral of the equation by entering equation and the limits.
xpolynom.zip1k00-05-01File is not ratedXpolynom v1.1
This is a neat program by XprO that calculates the roots of the equations of degrees 1, 2 & 3
precalc2.zip4k00-04-19File is not ratedPrecalc v8.1.1
An update to Precalc 7.5. Contains more info, like conics, exponential functions, and many more. The BEST program for any student who wants helps right then and right there.
zero.zip1k00-03-06File is not ratedZero Finder v1.0
Finds a zero of a function
ckantid.zip1k00-03-01File is not ratedQuick Check for Antiderivatives
Quickly verifies your antiderivative solution against TI83's solution.
ckder.zip1k00-02-13File is not ratedDerivative Equation Checker
Quick check of derivative equation
zzmenu.zip1k99-11-11File is not ratedMenu for Critical Values.
zzinewt.zip1k99-11-11File is not ratedNewton's Method for Integral Functions.
nrmlarea.zip1k99-11-11File is not ratedNormal Area
Area and graph under general normal.
euler2.zip1k99-11-11File is not ratedEuler & Modified Euler Method
clt.zip1k99-11-10File is not ratedCentral Limit Theorem
Demonstrate Central Limit Theorem
simplexa.zip1k99-11-10File is not ratedSimplex Method
Simplex Method (Includes artificial variables.)
numint.zip1k99-11-10File is not ratedNumerical Integration
newtong.zip1k99-11-10File is not ratedGraphical Newton's method
newton2.zip1k99-11-10File is not ratedNewton's Method
nderiv.zip1k99-11-10File is not ratedNth Order Derivatives
Nth order derivatives
powsolve.zip1k99-11-08File is not ratedPowsolve
Scan graph for roots, extrema, etc.
newrapme.zip1k99-11-05File is not ratedNewtonrapme
Newton-Raphson's numerical method for solving of equations.
euler.zip1k99-11-05File is not ratedEuler
A differential equations solver.
deri.zip20k99-10-30File is not ratedDerivative v1.0
Assists with the derivative, integral and inverse of functions.
intaprox.zip1k99-08-11File is not ratedIntegral Approximator v1.0
Finds geometric approximations for definite integrals
curvarea.zip1k99-07-03File is not ratedArea Under Curves
A program that tells you the area under a curve.
limit.zip1k99-04-20File is not ratedLimit83
A good program that finds limits of functions.
trapezoidal.zip1k99-03-01File is not ratedTrapezoidal Rule
newton.zip1k99-02-25File is not ratedNewton's Method
Solves 1 variable equations
diffeq.zip1k99-02-25File is not ratedNumerical Diffeq Solutions
Solves dy dx f x,y
calculus.zip2k99-02-25File is not ratedFour Calculus Programs
areacurv.zip1k99-02-25File is not ratedFind Area Under a Curve
Calculates area under a curve using LRAM,MRAM,RRAM, or trapezoidal rule.
pre-calc.zip1k98-11-09File is not ratedPre-Calc v1.0
riemann.zip1k98-06-10File is not ratedRiemann Sum Finder v1.2
ftrans.zip1k98-05-16File is not ratedFTrans v1.1 (transformations on functions and points)
Calculates the effects of transformations upon functions, and upon points on those functions.
riemunn.zip1k98-03-15File is not ratedRiemunn Sum
Use Riemunn s sum to add area of a curve
area.zip1k98-02-08File is not ratedArea Under a Function
precalc.zip1k97-12-06File is not ratedPrecalc 1.0
comound interest, annual growth and decay, annual rate, half life

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