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Number of files 21
Last updated Monday, 27 September 2004
Total downloads 62,250
Most popular file  TI-Minesweeper v1.1 with 5,049 downloads.

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minas.zip2k01-05-10File is not ratedMinas
Mineland game (graphic-mode memory-saving version, in spanish)
mine2.zip2k99-10-09File is not ratedTI-Minesweeper v4.0
mine3.zip1k00-12-01File is not ratedMinesweeper v5.0
minesweeper in basic and works on ashell
minefield.zip2k02-11-12File is not ratedMine Field
You are a soldier on the run, and you have been dropped in the middle of a minefield. Use the arrow keys to manuever your soldier through the mine fields without crossing your own tracks, hitting a wall, or stepping on a mine. You must reach the rest of your troops at the bottom right of the screen. Mine Field is a game with an excellent combination af graphics and gameplay. With over 10 levels of pure adrenalin you'll agree that mine field is one of outer limits greatest games. Mine Field is highly strategic. Choosing a safe path of travel through the field is key. This game is a Must have. Only From OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe ! www.outerlimit.tk
mineland.zip1k99-03-04File is not ratedMineLand
mines5x.zip12k03-05-18File is not ratedMinesweeper
This is minesweeper for your TI-83. The game is played on a 7x15 grid with 5 hidden mines. Your goal is to touch every single square that doesn't have a mine, using the free-moving cursor. This game is ported from the TI-83 Plus same-name version in the games directory. Please take a look at the documentation; there are a few pretty cool features.
mines5.zip1k00-02-09File is not ratedTI-Minesweeper v5.0
Standard minesweeper; faster, smaller update of TI-Minesweeper v4.0
mines83.zip1k98-01-01File is not ratedMines 83 (Aurora Compatible)
Mines 83
minesearch.zip1k04-09-27File is not ratedMine Search V1.0
This is a game in which you have to move around and catch ┬źdots┬╗. Rather simplistic but the new version will be coming soon. An addictive game since there is no time limit. You can play days at this game(well until your batteries go out or your missing memory.
minessweeper.zip2k02-06-07File is not ratedMines
Minessweeper for the TI83. A large minefield, you can choose the amount of bombs. There is a possibility to mark a bombspot.
minesweeper.zip6k00-03-06File is not ratedMine Sweeper 83
Mine Sweeper 83 Features: opens the zeros for you, can't lose on the first spot you select, fast cursor, fast game creation times, timer, keeps 8 best scores, extensive program documentation. AWSOME!
mineswp2.zip2k02-04-10File is not ratedMineSweep2
Mine Sweeper......Really fast, Save settings feature!
mineswp83.zip1k00-02-27File is not ratedMineSweeper v1.01
Yup, that's right. The name explains it all!!
mineswp.zip2k00-09-03File is not ratedCos 2000 - Minesweeper 5.0
The classic game of Minesweeper!
mines.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedMines v1.0
A Basic version of Minesweeper. Decent speed and interface.
mine.zip1k99-01-04File is not ratedMine Sweep v1.0
Basic minesweeper, similar to MS Windows
minez.zip9k03-09-07File is not ratedMineZ
MineZ is a game where you must make it to the stairs without hitting mines hidden in the gameboard. Every time you make it the amount of MineZ increases and so does your score. You have tools that will help you pass through the mineZ with ease. A flash quickly reveals the hidden MineZ, a detonator destroys a nearby mine, and an explorer explores the gamefield leaving behind a safe trail of passage. MineZ has superb graphics, High score, and low memory requirements.UPDATE:Fixed some file bugs and speed issues. And of course it only comes to you from OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!! visit www.outerlimit.tk for a complete message board and game downloads!
msmines.zip5k03-07-17File is not ratedMsmines
In Msmines, you can choose how many mines there are, the field is always 7*15
msweep.zip7k00-07-11File is not ratedMineSweeper
Basicoderz presents:The classis MineSweeper game for your calculator. This game is an excellent minesweeper clone and with super fast response and auto uncovering, it is a must download!
sweeper2.zip2k00-02-11File is not ratedSweeper 2
Mine Sweeper with Zero Solving
zmine.zip1k99-07-06File is not ratedTI-Minesweeper v1.1
Graphic version of popular Windows game.

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