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Last updated Tuesday, 23 November 1999
Total downloads 5,257
Most popular file  Math Blaster v4.0 with 2,754 downloads.

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aritm.zip9k10-11-04File is not ratedAritm
Aritm trains you in simple mental calculation. This program teaches its users the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tables.
gofigure.zip2k99-11-23File is not ratedGoFigure
A math game where you must find the correct sequence of given numbers and operators to reach the 'Goal'.
mathblst.zip1k98-04-28File is not ratedMath Blaster v4.0
thief.zip11k03-05-27File is not ratedFind the Thief Packet
This game has 10 'levels', in each you must solve an Algebra problem to advance. If the answer is 5, you catch the villian. As long as you keep aswering correctly, you'll eventually catch him. Hope you enjoy.

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