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Upcoming TI-86 Sound Programs

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

When posting about an upcoming program of yours, please include a link to any relevant information (screen shots, etc.) in the URL field.

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Re: Upcoming TI-86 Sound Programs
Dan Henneberger  Account Info

Yo People

Check out Mario that has good sound

Dude, first comment

     27 January 2001, 00:09 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-86 Sound Programs
Synapse  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have written and am polishing up a 3D graphing package (ti-basic) for the 86.
It's somewhat slow, but it is true 3d nonetheless.

If anyone wants to do an assembly version, let me know.


     20 March 2001, 16:37 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-86 Sound Programs
Synapse  Account Info

oops, sorry
admin pls remove this
it's in the wrong section!

     20 March 2001, 16:40 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-86 Sound Programs
soj1982  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey men, i think that idea is really cool, i have a CAL3 class and i can't even graph on 3D. SO making a 3D program is really cool.
Unfortunately, i can't program assembly either but its cool if you at first write theprogram in TI-86 BASIC.

     9 October 2001, 07:48 GMT

1-bit and 2-bit sound player
Chivo  Account Info
(Web Page)

I'm making a 1- and 2-bit wave player based on Andrew Waser's 86wav program. I've already written about 6 different programs to play the 2-bit sound, each with different sound qualities. I'll post some samples and ask people which method sounds best. I'm also trying to compress the sound data to a reasonable size, especially for 2-bit files. I've tried a PCX-type compression, which is very simple, but it shed off only 10 percent of the 2-bit file's size. Any other ideas for compression would be appreciated.
In addition to a simple sound player, I was thinking about making a video and audio player. I think it's possible to have 1-bit sound play along with a small b/w or 4 gray compressed video. Of course, a video could only be up to, say, 10-20 seconds long on an 86. Tell me what you think about all of this.

     11 July 2001, 01:08 GMT

Re: 1-bit and 2-bit sound player
jc78244  Account Info

you might try using a frequency compression. Find how long a frequency is sustained by counting how many 2-bit pairs go unchanged and seeing how long this count will go unchanged. Use PCX type compression on this count. A frequency should be able to be derived from this count after PCX decompression. The Frequency should be more stable than the 2-bit pairs.

     16 August 2001, 04:37 GMT

Re: Re: 1-bit and 2-bit sound player
william white  Account Info
(Web Page)

the animation studio should be improved to include sound with the extracted files....email me if you agree

     22 August 2001, 05:49 GMT

Re: Re: 1-bit and 2-bit sound player
Chivo  Account Info
(Web Page)

I don't think that doing a PCX compression twice would work much better than only once. I've got another idea for using a similar method that will compress sounds much better. I'm not telling anyone my ideas, because I don't want others to use my method in a program before I do!

P.S. I'm also going to use this compression for use in video applications. That is, b/w or grayscale videos with sound on the calculator!

     24 September 2001, 20:33 GMT

Re: 1-bit and 2-bit sound player
Chivo  Account Info

Well, I haven't done anything on this for a long time now. It's been 1.5 years since I first posted this message!

I'm now thinking of using a technique similar to DSD (which I've found is really just 1-bit PCM encoded using a feedback loop for error correction) to get better-quality sound out of 1-bit quality.

Anyway, I'll upload a program Real Soon Now I hope if it is satisfactory.

     27 January 2003, 20:26 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-86 Sound Programs
Jesse Puckett  Account Info

I am working on a program that is basically like a MIDI player. It will use "music" that is stored in a string in "notes" like F,A,C........... without the commas of course. And it will have special characters that make notes in-between. The string will not be case sensitive. And if i get around to it, I might make an on-calc editor that playes the notes as you type them so you can hear what it sounds like before you save it. Also, I might make a windows program that converts songs to strings, but since there are I'm sure programs that convert songs to midi, I might make it to where it converts the actual midi file. Any help/comments are welcome. Email me b/c i dont look at message boards that much.

     6 September 2002, 07:07 GMT

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