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Upcoming TI-92 Plus Science Programs

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

When posting about an upcoming program of yours, please include a link to any relevant information (screen shots, etc.) in the URL field.

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Re: Upcoming TI-92 Plus Science Programs
AJ_thahiphopper Account Info

i'll start working on a heat transfer program very soon. i already have a program done on an excel sheet so i think it won't be that long before i get it done in BASIC. if u have any suggestions as to what language i should write the program in, reply to this thread please. i'm not that much of a programmer but i'm very enthusiastic!


     2 July 2004, 05:37 GMT

Planetarium Software for TI-92(+)/v200
Zykure Account Info
(Web Page)

I was (am) working on an astronomical function library written in C. I asked myself: What can I do with this library.
So I decided to write a Planetarium Software for the TI-92(+)/v200 because I think nobody has written something like that yet. It should be similar to KStars (http://edu.kde.org/kstars/) and will be written in C (using TIGCC). I don't have any idea how it would look like (the calculator's display is quite small for such an application...), but I think it should be possible.
PLANET will include about 500 stars (250 visible at one time), solar system objetcs like sun, moon and the planets, some deep sky objects like galaxies and (maybe) constellations.

The user has to specify the place of observation (longitude and latitude on earth); the time and timezone is read from the calculator's internal clock (which is not very accurate...).

If it works good, I will add grayscale graphics instead of simple monochrome.

If you have a good idea or if you want to help me with this project, please send me an E-Mail.

[ Zykure ]

     26 June 2005, 19:19 GMT

Re: Planetarium Software for TI-92(+)/v200
Zykure Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey, it's working (so far)! :)

While I was tweaking my prog for performance, I decided to use table-based algorithms for the calculation of sin(x) etc. The performance boost was almost incredible, while the loose of accuracy is very low (+/- about 0.006 degrees).

You can download the current version of Planet68k at the specified URL (including some screenshots + source-code).

So, keep developing ;)

[ Zykure ]

     1 July 2005, 19:46 GMT

Re: Re: Planetarium Software for TI-92(+)/v200
Zykure Account Info
(Web Page)

This link is no longer available. I'm re-designing my project, but there will be a new version online in the next weeks.

     26 September 2005, 13:09 GMT

Re: Planetarium Software for TI-92(+)/v200
Vincent de Grandpré  Account Info

What a great idea!

I was looking for a planetarium for my V200 when I hit this post.

Actually, I am studying Software Engineering at École de technologie supérieure in Montréal, QUÉBEC (in case you don't know Montréal is in Québec, whatever how many Canadian flags are dumped here).

I feel comfortable to write a program for my V200. It will be my first!

What I suggest is to create a new project at Sourceforge.net, so we could, and the entire community too, contribute to make this idea comes true.

Give me some news!

À la prochaine fois!

Vincent de Grandpré

     28 July 2005, 18:55 GMT

Re: Re: Planetarium Software for TI-92(+)/v200
Zykure Account Info
(Web Page)

I have to apologize for the long time between this and my last post...

Yeah, it seems to be a good idea to create a sourceforge project. The app name (and project name) is ephem68k - my researches are base on ephem, a linux application to calculate ephemerides of solar system objects and other objects, too (asteroids, comets, stars, galaxies ...). Also, a Sky Watch feature will be implemented.

My first approach was to write a huge file containing all stars below 6 mag (>500!), but 200 was too much for my Voyage 200 already - the calculation of the current positions took about 2 minutes. 500 stars, about 100 deep sky objects and solar system objects - that would never be possible...

So I decided to go another way: We calculate only a few objects at the same time: The Sun and the Moon and all planets of the solar system (except Earth ;). Also, the user can add up to three objects (stars, deepsky, asteroids, whatever). So the calculation takes not too long, but many objects can be calculated.

I'm glad to see that there is some interest in this kind of software in the ticalc.org community. Currently I'm working out how ephem does it's calculations. I try to build a pre-alpha release within the next two weeks...

     26 September 2005, 13:06 GMT

Re: Planetarium Software for TI-92(+)/v200
Zykure Account Info
(Web Page)

You can download the original ephem v4.29 here.

It should run on every linux platform (termcap is needed to compile it).

To run ephem, unpack the archive into /usr/src and run "make" inside the ephem directory. It should compile without errors. Now you can star ephem by invoking the command "./ephem".

I recommend to read the manual (Man.txt) before compiling and working with ephem.

Have much fun.


     26 September 2005, 13:26 GMT

Re: Planetarium Software for TI-92(+)/v200
Zykure Account Info
(Web Page)

ephem68k is still under development, but in a somewhat "adult" state. You can download the current release candidate 0.7 RC 2 at the linked website. More information can be found there, too.

     18 June 2006, 17:55 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-92 Plus Science Programs
(Web Page)

A periodic table program written in asm for the 92+. The first version will only include the following info:

atomic weight
oxidation states
melting point
boiling point
and a basic search engine

The first version should be done by the end of the month-most likely sooner but bad things can happen between now and then.

     20 September 2000, 05:28 GMT

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