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Upcoming TI-83 Science Programs

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

When posting about an upcoming program of yours, please include a link to any relevant information (screen shots, etc.) in the URL field.

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Re: Upcoming TI-83 Vector Calculator
MRD-soft Account Info

I've made a program that will calculate the result of several (2 to 499) vectors working together. It's not yet graphical but at least its Ti-83 compatible (unlike SciTools vector calculator, wich is an app.) If you're interested, please mail to mrd555@hetnet.nl

     7 May 2006, 14:06 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-83 Science Programs
Nick Judge  Account Info

If you have ELECTRONICS CLASS then read this.

I just started a program that when you enter the resistence or resitors and voltage of any kind of circuit wether it be parralel with 1-4 diff parralel groups or it coud be a series cercuit with 1-5 resitors it will find every thing you need Rt,It,I1-4,Et, E1,2, E3,4. Anyways it might not be that great because i just started prorgaming.

     24 December 2003, 08:11 GMT

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