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Upcoming TI-85 Miscellaneous Programs

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

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shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have spent over a year working on this; it is a whole new programming language for z80 TI-Calcs, and the compiler program for it. It looks like C++/Java with some interchangable BASIC-like syntax. High-Level OOP code compiles into assembly code (asm programs) for all models from TI-82 to TI-86

You can use this to do ANYTHING that can be done in assembly. Antidisassemblage is not big and easy to learn because only the fundamentals are built into it. Everything else (once finished) will be defined in "include files" (there is a special command to output asm code so you can integerate assembly into the language; most of this will be done in the background so that you don't have to worry about it).

I am looking for people who want to help test it, play with it, and when it is done (which will be soon) help write stuff for it. THIS MIGHT BE SOMETHING REVOLUTIONARY; people can make assembly programs from an easy to use High-Level OOP programming context (this is NOT ASSEMBLY, it compiles into assembly)

The language has these standard features: preprocessor commands, user defined variables of various datatypes, MULTIDIMENSIONAL arrays, functions (aka: subroutines procedures methods) that take and return values (parameters / arguments),
Global vars that can be used anywhere and local vars (temporary vars) that only have the scope of the function they are in, Static (fixed var addresses, more efficient) or dynamic (uses a stack to allow instances = RECURSION) functions, and a nice bunch of control-constructs to control program-flow

If you want to know more, or if you want to help, see my group: Antidisassemblage (the link is below my user-ID in the title bar of this post)

     6 January 2005, 23:42 GMT

Re: Antidisassemblage!!
shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

sorry, the link is:

http://groups.yahoo.com/ group/Antidisassemblage

(remove the SPACE before "/group")

You can email me at shkaboinka@yahoo.com
or send an IM to CrazyProgrammer

     13 January 2005, 20:38 GMT

New compiler/language for z80 calcs (TI82 to TI86)
shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

I am SO close to finishing up my compiler and everything, but before I finish it I am looking for a little help with some assembly stuff.

brief description:
when handling expressions, I'd use register-A or HL for general stuff, and then maybe B or BC during higher-order operations (order of ops), but * / and % ops require more complicated asm routines that use up lots of operators and there are different ways to do them, and I don't know which registers are the best to save info in and what the costs of "destroying" their values could be; I am not an expert at assembly. I am questioning whether I should do that, or not allow expressions but allow single operations that take one value like += *= /= etc, or just not allow * / and % (a combo of asm macros/routines can be made to do it anyways)...either way I need help. I can be more specific and detailed if you want to help.

If you can help me out (or know anyone who can), my info is in the title-bar of this post

     19 March 2005, 20:33 GMT

shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

ONCE AGAIN it puts HighLevelz80 as the link, though I have told it a million times to change the link Antidisassemablage!

If you want to help with my compiler (see above post), the group page is http://groups.yahoo.com /Antidisassemblage/
(withouth the space after groups.yahoo.com/; I had to put it there because ticalc wont allow words longer than 40 characters)

     19 March 2005, 20:46 GMT

UsgASM: an editor/compiler for usgard
mxpxfifws  Account Info

Hey guys!
What's up? Not much here except that I'm working on this sweet program that I named UsgASM (don't ask why, but that word just came to me :). Anyway, I just wanted to tell the TI-community that I am working on this program because I feel there is a lack of good assembly editors out there for usgard. Also, I needed something to do with my newly acquired VB6 :). Oh yeah, if any of you out there are versed in VB, could you help me with some things like cut, copy, paste, undo, and running a DOS exe in your program. Thanks guys.
Bryan Forbes

     20 September 1999, 13:55 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-85 Miscellaneous Programs
Corp  Account Info

I have a program in mind (ASM) that would allow you to send programs and maybe other types of data to other calculators. If you assigned a hex number to every character (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, + , -, *, /, and greek symbols) on the calculator, then transformed a program imto this hex code, sent it over a link onto another's calculator, and had his program identical to mine (made for the type of calculator he or she has) translate the code back into charcters and pasted it into a program of the same name as the original program. It would be done this way rather than translating a program into another calcs way of reading it so that I wouldn't have to make 42 different programs, only 7. I just need help as I am not affluent in Z80 ASM, and can't even contemplate 68000 ASM. I do not expect to be able to run 86 programs on an 83, just so that I can make 83 programs for friends and use my 86 to pass them on.

     21 September 1999, 03:33 GMT

Portfolio Tracker
Rook  Account Info
(Web Page)

I saw a request on the Program Ideas page about a portfolio tracker and thought it was a good idea. If enough people are interested, I will write one. I need to know a few things however. What kind of info do you want to track? These are what came to my mind.

Pur. # of Cur.
Symbol Price Shares Price %Yield

Due to the complexity of tracking the prices over long periods of time, 52wk hi/lo won't be on my original list of features. Nor will performance graphs, but I would certainly like to add that sometime. Any other ideas will be welcome. Please e-mail me at noblej@yahoo.com


     26 February 2000, 07:14 GMT

C compiler for TI-85
Jonathan Harm Account Info
(Web Page)

First thing I'll say is this program will compile C to
TI-BASIC(because I don't know ASM). I have been searching for a C compiler for the TI-85 and I can't find one. So I decided to write one. It will be able to read a C statement and convert it to TI-BASIC(printf -> disp).
The program will be written in C and will be released for IBM/compatible first. If all goes well I will make one for Linux too.

     1 September 2000, 01:19 GMT

85 to 86 Program Conversion
Integer  Account Info
(Web Page)

While porting programs from one calc to another I decided I'd write a DOS program that could do it for me. At first it will only work back and forth on the 85 and 86 (because the format is soooo similer) but later it will work on many diffrent platforms (I hope). The problem is I don't have an 85, or an 86, so I don't know much about the format. If anyone could help, mail me please!

     2 October 2000, 01:06 GMT

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