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Upcoming TI-85 Math Programs

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Upcoming TI-85 Math Program
(Web Page)

I am currently working on a math program for Intergrated II mathematics. So far the program includes:
~Quadratic Formula
~Discriminant Formula
~Distance between two points
~Transformation of points
~Surface Area of Spheres
~Volume of spheres

Any other program would be appreciated, or if you would like one of the programs by them selves write to me via e-mail.

     29 January 2000, 00:05 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-85 Math Program
Christop Maier  Account Info

plese tell me how to download this progamms.
Im not keen on it

     8 February 2002, 13:26 GMT

Probability Distribution Program
Calten  Account Info

A few days ago submitted a beta version of a probability program. Full length version should included:

1)Find the z-value based on a given probability and vice versa.
2)Poison Distribution
3)Hyergeometric Distribution
4)Binomial Distribution - Ability to calculate large values in short amount of time (who needs assember for this? =] ).

Attempting to find feasible way to produce a corresponding graph (with the probabilty area shaded) when these distributions are calculated. I am hoping this final version can just be written in all BASIC without digressing to assembler.

     29 January 2000, 04:26 GMT

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