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Upcoming TI-92 Plus Graphics Programs

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Fractal 92 Plus
jon Account Info
(Web Page)

I am attempting to make a graphical drawing program for use with the TI-92 Plus. The program will first be written in BASIC, but when I learn ASM will be ported. If anyone knows how to correctly draw a circle without using the "Circle()" function, I would greatly appreciate it seeing that the program will have the capability to draw arcs and rotate objects. This will take a long time, I do have a life.

     15 August 1999, 05:00 GMT

Re: Fractal 92 Plus
florian rivoal  Account Info

to draw a circle you can use the sin and cos functions
here is a sample code. this may not be correct TI basic, but it is understandable, an d can be ported to basic.

for t=start_angle to end_angle step precision
plot center_x+radius_1*cos(t), center_y+radius_2*sin(t)

0 for start_angle and end_angle is on left and the it turns anticlockwise (a whole turn is 360 degres or 2*3.141592756 radians)

percision decides the step between each points. you must find a little value, so there are no blank spaces between points. if value is too small, it will work, but several plots will be drawn on the same pixel, which means a loss of time.

center_x and center_y are the center's coordinates

radius_1 and radius_2 are horizontal and vertical radius (if equals, draw a circle, if not, an elipse)

plot function draws a point it may also be named point or pixelon or draw or something like this.

well, that's all i guess. mail me if you want to know something else

     24 November 1999, 19:26 GMT

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