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Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

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Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
brianb  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have made an x, y, and z axes emulator on my ti-83+ by using mathematical formulas. So far it has proven successful in creating 3d polygons that can be moved into any shape or rotated at will. I have one slight problem with the program, and that is that the ti-83+ can only store up to 27 variables, but every vertice uses four variables. And for those who don't know about polygons; every polygon has three total vertices, so you can see my problem. I was wondering if there is any other way to store large amounts of variables?

     16 February 2004, 06:38 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
qbman  Account Info

One way to store up to 999 values would be to use a s custom list.

to create a custom list, just type in these keystrokes:

2nd, (, 0, 2nd, ), sto>, 2nd, stat, > (right), Alpha, Apps

your screen should then have "{0}->L" on the screen (the L will be little), then type in a name up to five letters (like ABCDE) and hit enter. If you are on the home screen, the list will be created immediatly, if you are in a program, the list won't be created untill you run the program. To access custom lists, just type 2nd, STAT, and then select you list from the menu.

To resize the list to contain more than one element, just type in the number of elements followed by a sto "->" character and then "dim(" which is found in the same menu as the small L or in the catalog. Select the name off of the list menu and hit enter. It should look like this:


which will resize the custome list ABCDE to a size of 999 vars.

to retrieve a value or store a value in a custom list, select the list from the list menu folowed by a open parenthesis and the element number


returns the value of the first element


stores 0 in the first element

Due to size limit on posts, I can't post all info here.

I think 3d is cool. I would be glad to help you out if you want. I could even try to help you make an ASM version of it for speed purposes. Just e-mail me.

     25 February 2004, 17:42 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Tudor Achim  Account Info

Does anyone know about any "gmax" for the calculator?

     9 October 2004, 00:10 GMT

Several Graphics Programs
jvdthwip Account Info

I have been working on, and have finished some of, several graphics programs.
My first ones let a user draw lines, pixels, and text (and circles, though it is discouraged) and it compiles the pic into Basic code...
One is set up like a Windows Wizard and is used to create easy to customize windows in Basic.
Both programs are useful for making lesser-than -700-byte pics or incorporating many pics in a game.

My third program uses the same drawing-compiling technique, but it draws pics with 2 cursors on 2 screens (the 83 plus screen split in 2). By going cross-eyed, the pic becomes 3D and depth is added by simply spacing objects differently. This technique can be easily implemented into games or pictures, but can be irritating / nauseating.

     18 April 2004, 20:33 GMT

Re: Several Graphics Programs
deathcloud333 Account Info

sounds cool! but i would very much like to know the name of the prog and where it is!!!

     25 September 2004, 00:27 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
jvdthwip Account Info

I have created a BASIC program that converts the current graph screen to an ASM pic.

The only problem with it is: Its Soooo Slooowwwww...

I could re-write it in ASM but that would be difficult and I could re-write it in Visual Basic as a Windows Utility, but that would defeat the purpose, as it is an "on-calc" compiler...

So far, it takes about 35 seconds to compile on line of pixels, horizontally. That's about a half an hour per pic and I even had to chop it up into multiple run-times so it won't cause a Memory Error...

If someone could help me with my dilemma, I would appreciate it.

     25 April 2004, 22:47 GMT

Pic to Asm Program Converter
jvdthwip Account Info

Ok, when I "perfected" my program, removed all of the bugs, it took 50-70 seconds per line of pixels during compilation...

I decided to give in and use Omnicalc's baseinput() function. Although users will have to have Omnicalc installed, it reduces line conversion time to 20 seconds or less, which overall reduces pic conversion time from 1.5 hours to about 20 min...

     26 April 2004, 00:45 GMT

What about people w/out omnicalc?
Nick_S  Account Info

How about you make two versions, one for pepole with onmicalc the other for people without. So anyone can use it, but you get a speed bonus if you have omnicalc.

Good idea?

- Nick_S
"Mmm...byte-sized programs..."

     19 June 2004, 18:33 GMT

Re: What about people w/out omnicalc?
jvdthwip Account Info

No longer possible, the New Version of Omnicalc changed the way it outputs data from its functions, so I'm unable to utilize Omnicalc data in my programs... I hope this will be changed...

     20 October 2004, 01:47 GMT

Pic to Asm Program
jvdthwip Account Info

I've re-written my program and it takes under 20 min. to compile a pic into a program, less on an SE.

It basically:
1. Converts the graph screen to binary.
2. Converts the binary to hex.
3. Adds an AsmPrgm token and Asm Program data referring to the pic data at either end of the string.
4. An additional program replaces spaces (parts of the pic that were more than 4 off pixels in a row) with zeros.

The prgm is used by recalling the string into a new program, removing the quotes at either end of the code, and running via Asm() syntax.

Compiled, each pic is about 800 bytes (basic pic size plus code) and can be easily called within basic progs or used as long term storage of pics via AsmComp() syntax.

     26 April 2004, 23:17 GMT

Re: Pic to Asm Program
mn6_9  Account Info

Can u send that program to me or tell us the name of the program

     15 January 2005, 11:06 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
DarkPhantom Account Info

I am developing a BASIC program that will "ZIP" the picture that you select. All ZIPs so farare stored to string 1. the compression will be binary. (ones and zeros) The string size is 5796 digits in length because it has zeros meaning "no pixel here" and ones "meaning There's a pixel here!" please give me your feedback as I believe this project will be a big hit. I have about half of this program completed and if you have any ideas please Email me at seidel@shentel.net Be warned that if you spam, i will spam back only in defence but it will be pretty nasty so please don't spam! Thank you!

     28 April 2004, 22:48 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
DarkPhantom Account Info

I am abandoning this project as my brain hurts from programming strain. If you would like to finish it, please Email me. If you do finish it, please leave the opening sequence code. Also, please give me most of the credit as it is mostly my program. Yes, of course you can give yourself credit. This is also a sorta programming test for whoever can complete it "Best" (with it working perfectly) will become lieutenant programmer of SeidelSoft. Thanks for yor help! -DarkPhantom

P.S. If and when you finish the program, please Email it back to me for judging and testing.

     28 April 2004, 23:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Nick_S  Account Info

I actually made a prog like this and its works(its so darn slow though, and makes str1 huge so "error: mem" can happen :( ) also the only prob is that the first char in str1 is a space, oh well u can designed the str->pic prog to simply do nothing if a space is encountered

- Nick_S
"Mmm...byte-sized programs..."

     19 June 2004, 18:36 GMT

Matrix->Pic Anyone?
Nick_S  Account Info

Right now I'm working on a "function" that allows
sprites to be drawn in basic
its too slow for an action game but could help out peopl who constantly have one pic as a title screen

you simply input numbers into a matrix
if u r to use this in a prog youd have the prog
configure the matrix
3=transparent(leaves pixel alone)

and the args are like this

     20 June 2004, 03:01 GMT

Matrix->Pic Anyone?[cont.]
Nick_S  Account Info

[continued from last post]
pixelX and pixelY are expected to be variables or
numbers(these are grapph screen coords btw). Matrix#
is like [A]=1 [B]=2...[J]=10

I have to work on it some more and then put it in asm.
It would be soo awsome/fast that way!, also wouldn't
use pic vars like omnicalc or things like ZSPRITE,
the down side being if you have a giant matrix, then
there's a chance for 'ERROR:MEMORY' to occur

What do you think? I'd like some feedback

     20 June 2004, 03:04 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
dMb Account Info

I am working on a BASIC graphics program called "Matrx 3d" for TI-93+, and it is just about done. I just have to smooth out the edges a little bit.

The program takes a 25x25 matrix (it can create on itself) and turns it into a 3d landscape. 1s in the matrix are turned into walls, and the 0s are hallways. The program runs extremely fast for a BASIC program, a little less than 1 fps!

The graphics in the program a incredible. They are very, very detailed. It looks like GEMINI, except the walls are brick. The gfx were designed by Nick Bernier for use in one of his programs. The screen in each frame is made up of several different pics. The program checks the surrounding area and puts the pics together the correct way!

I have never seen anything like this done before in BASIC. It is absolutely remarkable. Once I release it (in a few months) ticalc.org should give it "featured program."

One cool thing about this: people will be able to desing all kinds of mazes for the program!

I will be doing a few more changes before the release, and then maybe work on a next version. Please download it-you'll love it!

Oughta be one of the best BASIC programs released in quite a while!

What do you think-sound good?

     26 March 2005, 00:55 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
dMb Account Info

A couple more things...

It is for the TI-83+.

I am working on a way for it to randomly create its own maze. Can someone please explain to me how to randomly generate a maze that is difficult but yet possible?

Please give me some feedback on this program and some advice.

     27 March 2005, 21:47 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Tyler Durden  Account Info

Ok, well I've done Mazes in C++, so without pointers and data structures this is going to be a bit difficult. The basic gist of generating a random maze is this:

First construct a path, your unique solution for the maze, from point A to point B. While doing this, keep a list of every node that still has options open. That is, if I decide to go up, and I got in this node from a node to the left, then the bottom and right directions will still be an option, so you put the node location and direction into an array(list, matrix, whatever).

After you construct your path, go back to your list of possible paths, for each node construct a path until the path reaches a dead end, then go down the list until all the nodes have no more paths left. When I say dead end, I mean that the node you are trying to reach has already been modified previously. This step is important because if you write to these nodes, you may very well end up with a maze with multiple solutions, and then it wouldn't be a maze would it?

If you need more help you can always check www.gamedev.net they have alot of tutorials on specific algorithms and what-not

     3 April 2005, 04:52 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Justin G.  Account Info
(Web Page)

Why is there no greyscale incorporated with ti-83+ games? if the processor is the same why would it be so impossible?

In GHsoft's Dark Mage an attempt at greyscale will be made, if anybody knows how to clock up the 83+'s proccesor please tell me.

     10 December 2000, 00:50 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Basic_Programmer  Account Info
(Web Page)

I love to overclock things. I did it to my Desktop. I did it to my Laptop. I also did it to my mothers Palm pilot and my TI-83+ calculator. I can give you a link to the site that will give you some really good instructions about how to perform this overclocking. !!!!I WILL WARN YOU THOUGH, IT IS EXTREAMLY HARD TO DO AND IT CAN CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO YOUR TI CALC!!!!PERFORM THIS ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, NOR I WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEMS THAT MAY FOLLOW WITH THIS PROCESS!!!!

Good luck with this one. You might need it. The only tip I can give you is to be very cautious of the wires on the inside. DONT BURN THEM! Good luck.

~Prgm Boy

     10 December 2000, 03:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs

Overclock for ti-83, but what about 83+? the mainboard looks alot different.

     27 September 2001, 04:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Pierre GUILLAUME Account Info
(Web Page)

In the TI83, for overclock you must change the value of C7 (27=>18pF).
It is the same thing in 83+, but with the C11.
You can look my page in my site for TI83's overclocking.

     27 March 2004, 12:59 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
lcheuk Account Info

while replacing the C11 capacitor in a TI-83 plus, I accidentally burnt the C12 capacitor. DOes anyone know the capacitance of C12 and also of C37. The C37 was missing when I opened my TI.

     26 January 2005, 04:20 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Basic_Programmer  Account Info
(Web Page)

The sites link is:


Good luck with finding the capacitor also. I suggest waiting till you get all the tools befor attempting this fate. I also suggest not doing this unless it is a big necessary. Good Luck to ya!

~Prgm Boy

     10 December 2000, 03:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Josh Niezgoski  Account Info

What does over-clock mean?

     14 May 2001, 03:49 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Jared Brayshaw Account Info

I think it means to speed up.

     4 April 2003, 06:05 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Graphics Programs
Jason Chu  Account Info

yeah i know a guy who can overclock the cpu...all you need is a capacitor and a i guess some wires to hook up...ask Edwin Howard who is also on ticalc.org to reply to you. (he made a program called Allmath and you can find his email address there)

good luck

     7 November 2002, 19:19 GMT

super gamer Account Info

Yeah, Overclockings really dangerous. dont try it unless youre really good!

     8 November 2004, 22:10 GMT

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