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Upcoming TI-80 Graphics Programs

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Upcoming TI-80 Graphics Program:GRAPHIX v1.0
Big_Guy Account Info

As you may know the TI-80 has very limited graphics capabilites. Every thing in this program will only bring it up to par with the TI-83,86 and on up. Program includes a "PEN" and an "ERASER" and a way to save up to 99 pts of a picture (this is stored in L5 and L6) As soon as I can get this typed up it will be avalible
Size:42(sets some stuff)+392(main program)+ 32(pen) + 32(eraser)+ 45(save)+ about 1,500 for the a saved picture (depends on size)
about 2050

Note: I don't know if this has been done before or not

     28 May 2000, 03:35 GMT

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