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Upcoming TI-85 Games

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

When posting about an upcoming program of yours, please include a link to any relevant information (screen shots, etc.) in the URL field.

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Upcoming TI-85 Games
PheonixInteractive Account Info

My new game is written in TI-Basic Its called ******THE RIFT****** Its a space shoot-em up game where you travel through a wormhole in space destroying your foes who try destroying you!

I will be sending updates when I feel I put something good in my game....

     8 September 2004, 19:24 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-85 Games
PheonixInteractive Account Info

Due to the ammount of characters I had to put this seperate...
Current Features:
-Side scrolling
-a enemy (Working on AI)
Features to be added:
-a store
-Savegame and load
-Multiple enemys
-Increasing difficulty

     8 September 2004, 19:27 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-85 Games
PheonixInteractive Account Info

Sorry.... I failed to leave my calculator mem in proper hands.... If you don't understand what I'm saying then read below...

     13 September 2004, 21:46 GMT

Coming Soon!
BG Account Info

I have developed a small program called HOST. It is run on a MS-DOS type prompt to save memory. Basically, it opens up HOST-Compatible files and finds hidden information. For example, if you have a HOST-Compatible program it will create a readme file within HOST.
HOST-Compatible Games To Come!

Based on the anime, this is a text fighting game with over 12 characters and 50 different moves (don't say i can't do it, i've almost finished). Each time you win the tournament you get one of the seven dragonballs. Once you get all seven you can revive Son Gokou. The other secret character is Gotenks.This is a major release (50 moves is alot!).
This is a program where you infiltrate a randomly generated office building and try to obtain a large death count before SWAT teams set up a perimeter. Lots of replay cheats and hiscores. If you defeat the SWAT teams you can kill until you drown in your victims blood. This program should only take up about 5000 bytes.
This is a game to play when you are bored. You are in a bar and you talk to girls in hope of marrying them. Each day, you have no idea which girls will be in the bar. This game will have over 10 girls and 10 endings.
Record of Loddoss War
Based on the anime, this rpg has a new revolutionary combat system. It is very long, you have to continously delete the current chapter you are own and download the next. This one will be a while before it comes out.
Deth Racing
Another low-mem game like Massacre that made for you to play over and over again. Basically you race on a randomly generated track while trying to destroy your opponents. Lots of secrets.

DragonBallArena and HOST should be out in a few weeks!

     17 August 1999, 04:28 GMT

Re: Coming Soon!
SmartGamer  Account Info

Your Massacre game idea is really deplorable, disgusting, and crude. Therefore, it should be very polular. ;-)

     22 August 1999, 01:08 GMT

Re: Coming Soon!

Can I beta test your dbz game?

     1 January 2000, 00:40 GMT

Re: Coming Soon!
_______ _______  Account Info

Hey, cant wait for your db game to come out, sounds really cool. if ya need a beta tester, just email me

     23 March 2000, 03:50 GMT

Can I have a copy of your TXT file? PLease!!!

Can I have a copy of your TXT file so I can test your game? In exchange I'll give you a program I'm working on called "Drug Life". It's an RPG game where your a drug dealer. You can sell amny different items, go to the bank (withdraw/deposit/rob), restock your stores, and check your highscore against others!!!

     25 March 2000, 04:39 GMT

Re: Coming Soon!
MasterWizard  Account Info
(Web Page)

please send me a copy of all your projects except DethRacing.

     14 April 2000, 19:55 GMT

Ti-85 Project: NEED FEEDBACK
Dave Spooner  Account Info

DIABLO. Here's how its going to work:
-It will have a set number of total labrynth levels and set quests, but will have every level randomized.
-Will be text-based
-Every level will have up to 5 seperate rooms to explore with random monsters and items
-Already have more than 200 weapons in the game, and will have items including potions, spells, basic weapons, and the like.
-Will only have TWO character classes, Warrior and the Psionic (Mind

     4 October 1999, 18:27 GMT

Will give plenty of feedback+game in exchange for DIABLO TXT file!!!

Can I have your source code/TXT file!!! I'll give you my opinion of the game plus a text based RPG game called Drug Life I made. Your a drug dealer who can sell a lot of different medians, go to the bank (withdraw, deposit, rob), check your score against others, etc;

     25 March 2000, 04:43 GMT

Re: Ti-85 Project: NEED FEEDBACK
Quentin Llop  Account Info

I made a some what similar game. the game development started with just a simple text based combat and grew into a "medievil" town where a person could go the the Inn, Store, Arena, and a summoning altar. Progress halted when the game was erased due to failure of replacing batteries properly.

     3 January 2003, 02:39 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-85 Games
Tgunz262  Account Info

I am in the process of creating two military games. I have already created a cheezy Das Boot game that works. These two games will be "Battle of Britian" and "JG-26". Both will try to be as historically accurate exept for the fact that in BoB you might be able to change the future and be able to commence Operation Sea Lion if you are a sucessfull German or a bad British player. JG26 will just be a flying and fighting game where you rack up kills. Both are for TI85 Basic.

     5 October 1999, 16:57 GMT

Can I have a copy of your TXT file? Please!!!

Can I have a copy of your TXT file so I can test your game? It sounds awsome!!! In exchange I'll give you a game I'm working on called "Drug Life". In this game you play the role of a drug dealer. You must try to sell drugs, beer, guns, and you can deposit and withdraw money from the bank, restock your supply of each item you sell, and check your score against the newest highscore!!!

     25 March 2000, 04:36 GMT

Yet another pokemon game
Chris Kloosterman  Account Info

I know, I know, yet another pokemon game... there are so many of them out there, but please give mine a chance. It will be a scaled back version of the original blue/red games with every city and relevant pokemon on each of the routes. You will have to collect key items just like in the original. I am debating whether to allow the trainer to catch pokemon and have up to six, or to just allow one. To allow six may take up more that the TI's memory, though. The game will probably include about 30 - 50 pokemon.

     11 April 2000, 06:33 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-85 Games
Brett Haines  Account Info
(Web Page)

For an awsome TI calculator site go to http:// www. homestead. com/ TI85Central/ TI85Central. html
Or contact me at SassiCapri@aol.com

     13 April 2000, 03:22 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-85 Games
MasterWizard  Account Info

I am working on a D&D type game for the TI-85.
it will be in TI BASIC.
you wont be able to pick your class or race or other stats. So far I have 8 different weapons and 8 different armors (including defaults)

     17 April 2000, 17:18 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-85 Games
Rolland Joachim  Account Info

I'm programming a Hangman game on usgard and I need somme people who can make english levels(I mean find some words) or any other languages (because I'm french and my vocabulary is terrible I think) if anyone is interested in this little project, sen me a mail at Joamail123@aol.com or reply this message.

     24 September 2000, 20:45 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-85 Games
Rolland Joachim  Account Info

I've finished a Hangman game.It features a lot of things include external dictionary, words of 21 char, spaces and "," "'" "." ":" are allowed. Before the release I need people who can create dictionary in english or anything else(because I'm french). If you are interested you can send me a mail at : Joamail123@aol.com or reply to this item and give some ideas of theme of dictionary. I can send you the game, so you can test it and give me your opinion about it.

     8 October 2000, 18:29 GMT

MadD_b0mBeR  Account Info

Hello, WarINC is a command and conquer style 2 player only game, with a 3 screen long scrolling map and 5 different unit types, there is a currently a limit of 5 units per player. Each unit cost money and you start by buying your units and placing them, then go on to move and attack. It is turn based and also has a 2 player on seperate calc's option. Look out for it, comming VERY soon.

Also, try DRAGON FIRE, a gr8 RPG, btw, i forgot to mention on my description that it has 15 different monsters!

     19 October 2000, 14:23 GMT

Re: WarINC
Danny P  Account Info

How can it be a Command and Conquer style game (RTS) if it's turn-based?

     29 June 2002, 06:15 GMT

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