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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
  • Introduction
  • IRC Clients
  • TI Graphing Calculator IRC Channels

    Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, is essentially the chat room service of the Internet. Anyone in the world with Internet access can log on and chat or exchange files. To connect to IRC, you first need to download and install an "IRC client." Once you're logged on, you can join one of the IRC channels, or chat rooms, devoted to TI graphing calculators. You can ask (nicely) for help, discuss programming tips, or just hang out, all in real time.


    For Windows, we recommend the mIRC client.
    » Download mIRC

    For MacOS, we recommend the Colloquy client.
    » Download Colloquy

    For Linux and other UNIX flavors, we recommend the Irssi or Weechat clients.
    » Download Irssi
    » Download Weechat

    For BeOS, we recommend the Felix client.
    » Download Felix


    To access these channels, join an EFnet IRC server. It's also a good idea to read up on IRC basics before diving in; experienced IRC users are not historically forgiving of new users who ask common questions.

    A channel for TI-Nspire discussion.

    A channel for Lua programming discussion on the TI-Nspire.

    A channel for general and programming-related TI graphing calculator discussion.

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