Re: TI-H: Linux problems


Re: TI-H: Linux problems

>Hey Grant.  This one is thrown to you.
>I have my linux box in my room, no network, but working fine.  Or it was.
>Today I coudknt get the mouse to work, and I havn't used the mosue in a
>while , so it mihgt have been dead for a long time.  anyway, im not sure if
>its hardware or software, but that isnt my current problem.  I was playing
>around and put a command in the rc.M script to go into runlevel 4 (X system)
>but since my mouse wont work, i cant do diddly in X
>now on reboot, it goes right to X, so i cant get it to stop cause i cant get
>to a terminal without the mouse

Why not do a control+alt+(backspace) or (escape).  To get out of X.  (I've
forgotten what it is on linux)

If you have wscons running, then the default for X should be screen 5.  Try
changing to another virtual terminal (control+alt+Fx(key)).

Does any of that work?

>you see my problem.  I was wondering if there is any way to stop the rc.M
>script from firing all the way, or switching back to runlevel 5, so that i
>can get back to my goodold prompt term again.  without a bootdisk that is
>or, from within X, (fvwm) how can i get a xterm session up and running
>without the mouse?

Why can't you get or make a boot disk?

Try the above and if that doesn't work, I have a long winded solution.  :)


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