Re: TI-H: Parallel link


Re: TI-H: Parallel link

-> Also, are the diodes the correct direction?
-> Jeff Dezur
-> >Justin Bosch writes:
-> >>I'm sure you've all dealt with this before, but I'm having problems
-> with >>my parallel link and TI-85.  I can send to the computer small
-> files and >>a backup with barely anything in RAM, but the calc won't
-> receive a >>backup or anything else.  I've been using Link85xp, and
-> everything else >>I've tried starts but then nothing happens and I
-> must restart my >>computer.  I have ROM v10.0 and am using DOS 5.0 on
-> parallel port one >>(378h).  If anyone can offer any help, I would
-> appreciate that. >
-> >What type of computer and printer port are you using?  Be sure to
-> push the >link FIRMLY into the calculator's port when you use it.
-> Also, be sure the >parallel end of the link is firmly in the printer
-> port.  There could also be >a problem with Link85xp itself...try
-> re-downloading it.
-> >
-> >Also, has the link worked before, or has it always been this way? >
-> >-Brandon Turok

I don't know what the diodes are exactly, my friend made it for me and
until I used it on my computer it was great.

Justin Bosch