Re: TI-H: Multimaster I2C routines


Re: TI-H: Multimaster I2C routines

Josha Foust wrote:

> > Well, yes, but only if every calculator was sending at the same time.
> > And usually they don't. And do you think 7kb/s would be slow? What would
> > you actually use the bandwidth for?
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I find this a kind of funny question :)

I don't. Chatting, for example, needs very little bandwidth. You're not
going to transfer sound files or large images, but mostly programs and
text. You don't need Ethernet'style bandwidth for that. :)

> On the network only one calculator can send at one time (this was just
> discussed in reference to only using one frequency).  Since this is true,
> each calc would only get a sliver of time to transmit on, at 35kb/s, which
> effectively give each calculator 35kbs/# of calc MAX.  Many people were
> speaking of a huge network throughout the school, or a whole classroom.  This
> would definetely cause problems with bandwidth.

That's true only if every calc wants to send something at the same time.
In I2C, if only one host wants to send, it can use the full bandwidth,
and if many hosts send, they share the mandwidth. So if one calc sends,
it gets maximum throughput (I don't think it's really 35 kb/s but still
quite much), if two calcs send they get half of that and so on.


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