Kevin Buck wrote:

> With all these new Expander compatible shells coming out, it is not all that
> farfetched at all.  And those who wish to use the mouse compatible shell,
> would either have to borrow someone elses Expader, or buy one of their own.
> Now also, by using the expander for shell protocol, why not just use the
> Expander's memory storage for all the icons to be used and programs to be
> run from.  That way, even if the shell had to be stored in the majority of
> the calcs, memory, Again it could use  the Expanders memory for the file
> storage, and recognition.  I hope this is not too confusing.  Please tell me
> if you could understand it all.  Thanks, and please also tell me what you
> think about this idea.

Oh well, you solved that problem...let's invent some more.. ;)

The mouse would have to be connected to the link port, but AFAIK you
can't have both the Expander and another device connected to the link
port at the same time.

But the real problem is that I don't think a mouse would be very useful
in a calculator, at least if you consider the technical modifications
that would need to be done. There are much more interesting projects
around (IMHO).


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