Re: TI-H: Multimaster I2C routines


Re: TI-H: Multimaster I2C routines

Josha Foust wrote:

>         One of the biggest problems with networking any number of calculators
> with radio links is that no two calculators could transmit on the same
> frequency.  The best way would be to have a centralized hub, but thats still
> two frequencies per calculator on the network.  I could be wrong about this,
> because Im not sure how Cell phones handle it...  I think a network of
> calculators is an insane idea anyway!

Nope, it's not a very big problem. The I2C protocol was designed for
just this purpose, to use only 2 data lines for a network of IC's. And
you can use I2C on radio networks, so you need only two frequencies for
the whole network. Only one calculator can transmit at a time, but it's
not a big problem.

My I2C multimaster routines are almost finished, BTW. I'd need another
TI-85 to check the timings, but I'll borrow one from someone. The
emulator is a bit too fast. :)


*** Osma Suominen *** ***

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