Re: TI-H: Networks


Re: TI-H: Networks

Onceler wrote:

> That's what I'm talking about you would need to have little cheap wires
> to connect them... a little box or something to plug into... I'm going
> to make one simply for reproduction reasons... plus it will be fun to
> see what happens when four people play PONG (tm)...

Well, yes, but there would be no electronic components inside...and it
could be done without a hub, with T connectors as in a thin Ethernet.

> > Yes. In I2C each calc (or chip if you wish) has a unique address, and
> > only requests to that address will be notified. Many simultaneus
> > multiplayer games are possible at least in theory.
> Now if it has it's own address how does the other TI find out that
> address... I mean it sounds as though it will egnore all signals unless
> it "sees" it's own address... so like is there a signal that says
> "Identify yourself..."

Yes, one of the I2C addresses could be assigned just for that purpose,
to ask other calculators to identify themselves. Another way is just to
send an empty packet (address only) to every possible address at a time
(there are 128 of them) and see if they're acknowledged.


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