[TIB] Re: TI-86 Basic


[TIB] Re: TI-86 Basic

> Yes, there is a program to convert ti-86 basic to asm without having to
> learn  asm...  It's called the calc's processor.  The calc translates
> basic command into 3-4 asm commands and then runs them...  There's
> really no point  in doing it by hand, what the calc does for you, you
> need to worry about...  If you really want to just check the byte codes
> for the commands, you could try to find something like calcsys and then
> just study the hex...  
> Blech... (not fun.)
> Nick

What you mean is not the processor, it's the built-in basic interpreter.
I cannot guarantee anything about the 86, but basic is generally not
compiled (turned into asm commands), it's interpreted (an asm program
uses the basic program to decide what functions to perform). There is
a major difference here: the basic is never turned into asm, so there
is nothing for you to "intercept".

Rob van Wijk

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