[TIB] Re: DOS programming


[TIB] Re: DOS programming

Hmm.. Well, if what you're writing is supposed to emulate a DOS prompt, I'd 
say that the If Then:ElseIf Then:Else:EndIf structure might work out best.. 
you will need to know how to parse the string inputs (namely understanding a 
command like "cd main" into "setfold(main)") A lot of error checking might 
be needed to make sure the folder name is valid.. Just giving you a heads up 
on what you might need to tackle when you do this thing.

Oh, and the "c:\" prompt might not be appropriate for the calc environment. 
Remember the DOS prompt by default is the drive letter (which doesn't exist 
on a calc unless you can partition the RAM into multiple logical drives.) 
and path (current folder name). "Probably be more like "\MAIN\" than "C:\"

Oh well.. Good luck on you program!

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