Re: ZShell Program Size


Re: ZShell Program Size

> Ok now onto the subject of this message.  Does anyone know approximately the
>size of a
> gameboy game(in K)  The reason why I want to know this is because I have some
>ideas for
> games but am unsure if they would fit on the TI-85.  For those wondering what
>types of
> games( a Final Fantasy type of game, Ultima, Hockey, Zelda, Racing Game:RC Pro
>AM, Pole
> Position to name a few)  If that type of programs would be to big I will wait
> Fargo is released.

> --
>Tim Potter

As a matter of fact, the smallest GameBoy games are a hefty 1 megabits
(yes, I mean bits, not bytes), much larger than even the memory of the
TI-92 (70,000 bits free). While a scaled down version of one of the above
programs is possible, it becomes a matter of deciding which parts of the
game you feel can be removed and still keep the game playable.

Nathaniel Gibson