Re: TI-85 Emulator


Re: TI-85 Emulator

Matthew Twomey wrote:
> You make it, and MAN is it a PAIN in the ASS. Go to the ticalc homepage from
> there go to the page of the ti emulator (it's the first link I think). There
> are vague directions there. You have to dump your ROM in peices - like 8
> pieces. Then compile it w/an assembler or something I don't remember, but It
> was a pain! You end up with a virtual TI-85 exactly though on your screen.
> Can't put zshell on it thought because there's no link port. :-(

The only program which enables you to dump your rom does it in 8 pices,
which is
pretty slow. The program is not an assembler, it converts .85b files to
files containg only the rom.
>From friday i will have an other program on my homepage which will do
some extra
stuff (correct the checksums). Maybe one of us should make a better
program, but
it takes time.

You can but zshell and zshell games on the calc, and it does have a link
The graphlink support is not working yet, but we hope to fix that later.
If you
want to try zshell find some one whoo can send you a .bin file with it
(ask at
the ti emulator list).

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