CBL Developers List


CBL Developers List


            This is for users of the Texas Instruments CBL or Calculator
            Based Laboratory, a powerful tool for data collection with
            the TI Graphing Calculators.

            List-op: Rob Carlson <rob@cola.castle.net>
            Now taking applications for a new List-op.
            Public, Open List  Submissions to: cbl@cola.castle.net

To join the CBL list, you would type in a letter to
the following line:

join cbl jsmith@abdacab.com John Smith
         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  All this is optional,
              LOOK HERE --------->      replace w/ your info:

For instance:
join cbl rob@cola.castle.net Rob Carlson
join cbl user1234@aol.com Joe Public

If you wanted to leave that list, the command would simply be
 drop cbl

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Hope to see you around.

Rob Carlson         ..  Mail rob@cola.castle.net
Pager 908-937-0452  ..  Mail over 16kb to rob@cola.westmark.com