Re: Where is measurement conversion in 92?


Re: Where is measurement conversion in 92?

I have the TI-85, and I, too, use the conversion features... I will be
getting a TI-92 soon and will write a conversion program using all of the
TI-85 conversions and, if they are supplied, a few not included in the 85.

(I realize that a conversion program exists already.  It does not quite
behave like I'd expect it to).

This is an official call for conversion information:
If you want to see a conversion to/from a unit *NOT* in this list, reply via
Email with the category and a sample conversion using one of the units
already in the list.  If there is a category you wish to see added, email me
with the category name and two units, including a sample calculation.

  mm, cm, m, in, ft, yd, km, mile, nautical mile, lt-yr, mil (in/1000),
angstrom, fermi, rod, fathom

  ft^2, m^2, mi^2, acre, km^2, in^2, cm^2, yd^2, hectare

  liter, gallon, quart, pint, ounce, cm^3, in^3, ft^3, m^3, cup, tsp, tbsp,
ml, UK gallon, UK ounce

  second, minute, hour, day, year, week, ms, microsecond, nanosecond

  Celcius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin

  gram, kg, lb, AMU, slug, ton, megaton

  Newton, dyne, ton-foot, lb-ft, kg-ft

  atmosphere, bar, N/m^2, lb/in^2, mmHg, mmH2O, inHg, inH2O

  Joule, calorie, kcal, BTU, ft-lb, kwhr, eV, erg, l-atm

  hp, W, ftlb/s, cal/s, BTU/m

  ft/s, m/s, mph, kph, knot

At 03:16 9/7/96 GMT, you wrote:
>I just got a Ti-92.  As I was going through it, I find that there is
>no measurement conversions in it as compare to Ti-85.
>I am a chemical engineering major, I find that particular feature
>extremely useful.  What is the reason for its exclusion anyway?
>I suppose I can program one to suite my needs.  But my version will
>never be as easy to use or as good as the Ti-85 version, provided that I am
>not a programming wiz  To my estimation, the inclusion of measurement
>conversion feature would take less than 4k of memory.
>And to all of you out there, I would be most appreciative if one of you could
>write  a program to mimic the Ti-85 version. Thanks.
>Thumbs down to Ti!
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