[A92] Re: New To TI-92


[A92] Re: New To TI-92

> > TIGCC is probably the best bet, because I thought I heard that
> you can use
> > it to develop for all three of the 68k-based calculators.
> Ok cool.  I am familiar with GCC for Linux-i386 anyway so the tool
> chain won't be (entirely) new.
> Another question.  Any documentation for the other IO connector on the
> back (the wide one with what looks like 20 pins)?

That's a view screen port. As far as I know, it's hardwired to act the way
that TI intends it to be used. I've never seen any programmable interface
(so it either doesn't exist, or no one else has cared enough to use it).

And TI-GCC is definitely your best bet for programming. It has a nice set of
standard libraries and some very thourough documentation.