[A92] Re: New To TI-92


[A92] Re: New To TI-92

> I will just lump these all together.  The best place to begin is looking at
> source code.  I find that learning by example is the easy way to go, and
> I've never met another programmer that isn't the same way.  So the archives
> at ticalc.org will become your close companion.

Indeed.  Good advice.
> About the tools: you have a TI-92 Plus.  This means you cannot run Fargo II
> compatible programs 

Bummer, so the number of games/apps I can slap down onto this thing
just shrank 10-fold :(

> TIGCC is probably the best bet, because I thought I heard that you can use
> it to develop for all three of the 68k-based calculators. 

Ok cool.  I am familiar with GCC for Linux-i386 anyway so the tool
chain won't be (entirely) new.

Another question.  Any documentation for the other IO connector on the
back (the wide one with what looks like 20 pins)?

 - Mike