Re: A89: AMS 2.05 and ASM


Re: A89: AMS 2.05 and ASM

If the calc you get has hardware version 2.00, you can only downgrade to AMS 1.05.  The games
definitely work there, but i've seen some grayscale bugs.  I got my 89 in October, and it came
with AMS 1.00, but I have friends who got their calcs before then, but theirs came with 1.05 and
even 2.03.  You will be able to run games on any calc you get, though, so don't worry.


--- TJ <> wrote:
> I have read through the archive of old messages to the list about AMS 2.05 problems with shells
> and asm programs. I have also read other pages on problems with the new AMS and they said that
> you couldnt downgrade AMS 2.05 to a lower version if it was released with version 2.05. I just
> wanted to make sure that this information was wrong and that it does work before I buy a TI89.
> More than likely the only ones available will be version 2.05 and the reason I'm getting one is
> so I can program in asm and enjoy the extras that everyone has made for the calculator. Also I
> read in the list archive that there is supposedly a version of the doors kernel that can run
> right on 2.05 but does that allow the programs to install and run on it also? Thanks for any
> help in advance.

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