Re: A89: installing C Event Hooks + misc other...


Re: A89: installing C Event Hooks + misc other...


Event hooks are sort of my specialty.  I've written complete, bestview, 
and faster.  I do them in assembly.  What you need to do is go to and get the onkey express 
which will show you how to do tsr installation in c.

If you follow the conventions that have been establised by kevin Kofler 
you will not need to worry about uninstallation.  You should also go to 
his website at:

-Samuel Stearley

Quoting Greg <>:

> Hi guys!
> I've got a small program here that i have been running as a
> resident prog on
> my calc that hooks into the events.... I've been banging my head
> against the
> wall trying to find a way to make an installer/deinstaller for it!
> The hook
> function itself calls several other functions making it a little
> tougher. I
> can't do it like a regular tsr because of course the event hook
> function
> takes parameters! HELP!
> Now on to the misc other...
> How does one include special characters in an array?
> say i have an array like this
> char * El[]={
> "Element0",
> "Element1",
> "Elementx"
> };
> 1. if I wanted to include say a left arrow character (conversion
> arrow) in
> an element how would i do that?
> Example: "Elem->ent1"  where -> stands for the conversion arrow of
> course...
> 2. My event hook needs only to watch for keypresses when the calc
> is on the
> home screen... I can prevent it from processing the key presses on
> nearly
> every thing except for when the Catalog is displayed, how would i
> fix this?
> Right now my code looks like this:
>    if((FirstWindow->TaskId==EV_getAppID("TIHOME")) &&
> ((FirstWindow->Flags&WF_ACTIVE)==WF_ACTIVE))
> {then do stuff here because the home screen is active}
> That code checks to see if the FirstWindow's TaskId is that of the
> Home
> Screen app and it checks to see if the WF_ACTIVE flag is set...
> although I've tried many many other forms, this seems to work the
> best...
> when it comes right down to it, I only need to process CM_KEYPRESS
> events
> when the user is in the *home screen* text editor... I do have
> code that
> finds the TEXT_EDIT structure for the home screen which contains a
> pointer
> to the "parent" window...
> Just so I don't confuse anyone, the Home Screen Text Editor is
> that little
> bar on the bottom where you type calculations; not the normal text
> editor...
> oh yea, one more thing
> would someone explain why this function gives a warning when
> compiled
> //isLike(StrToTestForMatch,StrToMatch)
> //all characters in s1 must = len(s1) chars in string s2
> //returns strlen(s2) or 0 (NULL) if no match
> unsigned long isLike(const char* s1, const char* s2)
> {
>  unsigned long x=0;
>  while(s1[x]==s2[x])
>   x++;
>  return x==strlen(s2)?x:0;        //the warning comes from the
> strlen
> function:
>                                                     //discards
> qualifiers
> from pointer target type
>                                                     // which would
> be s2...
> }
> any optimizations for speed would be welcome as well This function
> needs to
> be fast...
> and that's my monthly brain scandisk/defrag...
> Thanks,
> Greg
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> that the
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> you can't
> get them together again, there must be a reason. By all means, do
> not use a
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