Re: A86: free space


Re: A86: free space

Hmm, that could be why Zelda always crashed with YAS.  Aaron figured it was
because YAS cleared out the memory first and it was assuming a value would
still be set (like using a variable in C before initializing it and assuming
it will be 0), but I never found that to be the case.  I ended up using all
16k but didn't store it anywhere.

> I would generally say it's okay to use $8100 - $BF00 (15872 bytes), but
> don't hold me to that, it might not always work with uh... nested shells
> something =P Alternatively, you can copy both stacks to a temporary
> and restore them when you're done... this adds some size to your program,
> but is good if you need 16kb but still want compatibility with shells.

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