Re: A86: [ot] any ideas on an algo for this game?


Re: A86: [ot] any ideas on an algo for this game?

Not very interesting?  Are you crazy?

One way you could help out the AI that wouldn't be too hard is see how
many spaces are open either to the left or the right, and have it go
whichever way has more.  Wouldn't be perfect, but I don't think it'd be
that hard to do...

Kirk Meyer wrote:
> well the online one also doesn't seem very interesting... often times the
> worm will trap itself on purpose, because it appears that when it reaches an
> impasse, it turns left if it can and right otherwise. if you made it think
> about it it would be a much better game..
> grayscale with a 2:3 ratio is the best for visibility, however it flickers
> some. if you have a lot of either shade of gray, you had better use 1:2
> ratio instead so that it doesn't flicker. the grayscale routine used in
> bomberbloke isn't that bad, although i encourage you to write your own and
> tinker with it..