A86: Willy DO BE DO BE DO


A86: Willy DO BE DO BE DO

I was snooping around the ROM and found a routine at $1AC1 that clears
the screen and prints
                         Willy DO BE DO BE DO

right in the middle, pauses a second or two, then does some other stuff (I
haven't investigated the rest yet).  I can't find a place where this
routine is called, and I haven't noticed any strange goings-on in my calc
since I called the routine.  If you want to try it, the fast way is to
edit an AsmPrgm with "CDC11AC9" in it.

This brings up some important questions:

   1) Who, or what, is this Willy?  There is no one of that name mentioned
      on the title page of the TI-86 manual.  Could he be a pet of one of
      the programmers?  Is there any connection between this Willy and the 
      groundskeeper of Springfield Elementary?  Is Pat Milheron nicknamed

   2) Why is he singing, and what significance, if any, does his song
      hold?  The capital letters indicate strong enthusiasm, yet the 
      subtle lack of an exclamation point suggests feigned joy, and adds
      an air of futility to the mood.

   3) Why is this even in the ROM?  Was it a piece of code used to debug
      the ROM, but inadverently kept in the release version?  Perhaps it
      constitutes some kind of a meaninless joke, placed there purposely
      as a stumbling block to cause people to ask questions for which
      there are no answers.

If you know the answers to these important questions, or if you know
someone who does, please enlighten the rest of us.  The sanity of the
entire TI-86 user community depends on you!  I implore you, act now while
there is still hope!

Dan Eble (mailto:eble@cis.ohio-state.edu)

P.S. - Whatever the case, the TI-86 team made a really cool product. :)