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Re: LZ: link

Somebody wrote...
>Couple more questions. Is there a way to get more memory on your
>calculator??? Where can I find connect-85 software, isn't that the same as
>the link software you can download?? How do you convert .uue files to
>something you can use??
To answer your first question, there is a ram expander which is being 
designed (mainly the software right now, I understand) which will add a 
decently large amount of memory to the calculators which can be accessed 
through assembly programs in ZShell.  I don't really know when this will be 
coming out, that's somebody else's project and they would know more about 

You can find the connect-85 software at TICALC.ORG, but I don't quite 
understand what you are asking about the link software you can download.  
Yes you can download connect-85, but there is also some other software you 
can get via WWW.

There are many different ways to convert .uue files to a usable format.  
New versions of WinZip can UUdecode, and the TI-GRAPHLINK software can do 
this.  You can find a number of decoders over the internet.

Michael Wyman