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Re: A83: (no subject)

It all depends on where you start.  Obviously humans have been around this
earth much longer than 2 millennia.  According to the Bible at least, its
somewhere more like 4 or 5 millennia.  I believe the Gregorian calendar
attempted to start when Jesus was born, however there was no year 0.  It
goes right from 1 BC to 1 AD.  However, now most scholars I believe think
that Jesus was born sometime like 4 BC.  So our calendar is really screwed
up. :)

Bryan Rabeler

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Dornfeld, 4 November 1998

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> << i also had 1 other thaught
>  how come everyone who asks to be taken off the list is
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> I don't know.  Maybe it's just the way the world works.  And I've seen a
> of Yahooligans ask to be taken off the list...
> Anyway, it's interesting to see how everybody is basing their date
> calculations off of the Gregorian calendar.  We all know that time existed
> before that arbitrary point known as "Christ's birth" (viz. Greek
> civilization); so where does that come into play when dealing with how
> millenia have passed?
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