A83: Re: Artists needed for Baseball II


A83: Re: Artists needed for Baseball II

A few other things:
   1)Submissions must be in .gif, .pcx, .bmp, or .83i format. Unless someone 
wants to be really nice and submit something in hex or binary.

*for those who need great incentive to help me out
   2)Anyone who makes a half-decent submission may beta test Baseball II if 
he/she desires to do so.
   3)The artists will get their own personal title screen (greater exposure 
= more credit)

thanks again for your time,

>   I'm looking for a couple of graphics for my upcoming release of Baseball
>II. In the past, this list has proven a valuable resource of talented
>artists. The two graphics are as follows:
>A large black and white picture (the entire screen (64 height, 96
>     width) may be used).
>A semi-large black and white graphic. Maximum width = 96. Maximum
>     height = 42.
>The only required image is the title "Baseball II". Everything else is up 
>the artist's creativity (see the Baseball '99 game in which a depiction of 
>player swinging a bat was used). A pitcher staring down the plate, an
>outfielder making a catch, a baserunner sliding into a bag, and other
>baseball scenes would all be good.
>Sorry, I've opted not to use grayscale due to size constraints. If you
>(artists) only want to work only one, I would suggest the second choice as
>it is more useful to me. If your selection is chosen, your name will appear
>on one of the title screen and in the documentation.
>Submissions will be excepted at any time up until the release of the game
>(probably Jan. 5, 2000). The sooner, the better though.
>If anybody has questions about the "contest" or if you just want 
>about the sequel, email me at evil_sam@hotmail.com
>Of course, I will read and respond to any replies made to this thread, but
>please make any responses private because not all list subscribers wish to
>hear about this topic further.
>  thank you for your time,
>  and good luck to all who submit,
>     Sam
>P.S. Just to save myself a few responses later, an 83+ conversion will be
>made as long as the size of the game permits me to do so.

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