Re: A83: calls


Re: A83: calls

> Well I put in that last "ret" myself to show the program's path and thats why
> I put (first time), (second time) and even so, the program would never carry
> out that "ret" anyway, but besides that, I think Not that it would all use
> that one "ret" at the end to correctly go through all the calls and finally
> exit from the program. The part I was emphasizing by this, is that after it
> "ret"s  _From_ "call second_label" in there, the next line of code is "call
> third_label" and that's where the loop is created... =P
>                                                                                                                                         --Jason K.

Its not gonna be a loop because after he calles third label, he rets
back to after the call to label and then rets out of the program...

go through it again and I'm sure you will find that I am right :)