Re: A83: Flags


Re: A83: Flags

To set a flag: (we'll do textInverse)

	set	textInverse,(iy+textFlags)

To reset it:

	res	textInverse,(iy+textFlags)

To check it:

	bit	textInverse,(iy+textFlags)

The Z flag is set if the flag is set.  So, you can:

	jr	z,XXXX
	jp	z,XXXX
	call	z,XXXX

There's always an iy offset for a flag and a bit number.

		    ^		^
		    |		|
		bit number	iy offset

Look at some of the TI asm docs at ti .com.  Hope this helps

>Can somebody help me.  I am only new to asm programming on the ti-83's 
>I would like some information on how to set and read the various flags 
>the calculator.  I have been able to set the flags to one value, e.g. 
>have been able to change from radians to degress using set
>trigdeg,(iy+trigflags) but I can't set this to radians and I don't 
>know how
>you can read the flag back.  Can someone please tell me how.
>From Alistair.
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>e-mail me about them!

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