Re: A83: Game programming


Re: A83: Game programming

Just have a list in mem of x,y coordinates and then have a routine that
compares the ship coords to all the coords in the list. (you could also have
the list have 3 entries per object...x,y,and type of object)

Just a though,

> In my eternal effort to combat Off-topic messages (my pet peeve),  I'm
>  going to ask a real ASM question.  That's right: A real ASM question.
>  Well, here it goes.
>  I am thinking about an idea for a game.  There's one problem though:  I
>  totalydon't know how I can have many objects exist on the screen at one
>  time and check all of them for collisions with my main object.  I'm
>  making a game where you dodge flying asteroids.  I might make them 
>  diferent sizes.  I might let you shoot them.  I might add enemy ships.  I
>  might even eventualy turn his into a ful-blown Asteroids port.  But thats
>  not the point.  The way it's going now, it will either be a sid scroller
>  or a vertical scrolling game.  I need toknow how I can see if the ship
>  collided with an asteroid.  Right now. I'm looking more for abstract
>  ideas than the final product.  I've learned enough ASM that I can turn
>  the ideas into code now.