A82: Still dead?


A82: Still dead?

  Ok, the list is still dead. Having nothing better to say, here's my 
attempt at stirring conversion:

   ASM programming groups, a flawed concept? I think so. Also they're 
very trendy. Just today I have received 2 requests from newly formed 
groups. 2-3 new groups are formed each week: Some BASIC, some ASM. 
Everyone wants to be cool and be the president of their own group. 
   The whole idea sucks in my opinion. They don't actually help 
programming efforts, and all it does is promote elitism and competition. 
I won't go into further detail without pissing off certain groups, but 
if anyone wants to argue in favor of groups, I'm game :)
    Anyone remember KickASM? A failed programming group of the past, 
what makes the newly-formed current ones any different?

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