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Morgan is Hiring!
Posted by Morgan on 8 July 2003, 18:40 GMT

For those of you who have read the June 2003 Newsletter, you might recall me thanking some members of the community for help with making screenshots. Seeing how it is summer and school is out for most of us, I thought it to be a good time to announce that I am looking for more help. I am in the process of screenshotting all ASM and Flash directories in the archives, except routine and library folders. I have already finished the 86, 89, 92, and the entire Voyage 200 directories. If you have time and want to be a part of this process, e-mail me at morgan@ticalc.org.

Even if you have never made a screenshot before, I will show you how to make both animated and still pics. Assuming you have a calculator of course :-) And for all who think I am obsessed with screenshots...you might be right!!

Update (Morgan): So far we've had 39 interested, not including Joey, but including me :-) We could still use more in the 82, 85, and 92+ directories! It also seems that there are a large number interested in screenshotting the BASIC sections. All calcs have BASIC files to screenshot if you are interested. I have also written a documentation on my knowledge of screenshots if you just want to know how to make screenshots for your own files.

Total screenshots added = 1,613


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Re: Morgan is Hiring!
JacobdeHaan  Account Info

I'de love to help, I sent an email saying that I would do anything 83 plus related.

     10 July 2003, 10:56 GMT

Re: Re: Morgan is Hiring!
ac  Account Info

Teh BASIC dir too? You must be suicidal!

     12 July 2003, 03:47 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Morgan is Hiring!
JacobdeHaan  Account Info

Yep, I'm working my way up from the bottom, and someone else is working down. Some day we might meet in the middle ;-).

     12 July 2003, 04:49 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Morgan is Hiring!
Rob van Wijk  Account Info

Just for the record:
You're nuts! :D
(BTW, when I'm done with my current directory, do you need some help?)

     13 July 2003, 00:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Morgan is Hiring!
JacobdeHaan  Account Info

Yep, I am nuts.

And sure, if you finish your directory, any help with 83+ BASIC would be greatly appreciated.

     13 July 2003, 11:58 GMT

You could hire me...
saitei Account Info
(Web Page)

Well, I have a TI-89, as well as a 92+ on emulator (uhh...I didn't just say that) and a TI-82 (it's my sister's). The graphlink for the 82 isn't installed, and I'm not sure it would work since the graphlink for the 89 doesn't anymore...but I have CalcCapture (although I haven't tried it out) and the older VTI-screenshotter...forgot it's name, as well as VTI with several versions of the 89 AMS and 92+ AMS 2.05 (oops, didn't say that). Never could get an 82 romdumper to work right...

BTW, my computer is horrendously old...P120, 48 megs of ram...I can run the emulator, but only at a third of the speed of a regular TI...ironic, isn't it, a 120-mhz processor can't emulate a 10-mhz processor...:P Also, on the emulator a lot of the 89 ROMs are HW2, since I just copied the download file....although I do have 1 or 2 that are HW1, direct dumps from my calc...and I can get an AMS 2.09 one if you like.

In summary, I doubt I would be any good, but I could try. :)

     11 July 2003, 04:29 GMT

Re: You could hire me...
Rob van Wijk  Account Info

What are you talking about? My 120 MHz Pentium 1, 32 MB RAM can emulate my calc at 100% (well, uhm, at least most if the time it comes pretty close ;))
Seriously though, even if it runs slower, that doesn't affect the screenshots (unless you want animated ones of course). A little tip: if you know the mapped keys by heart, turn of the skin, that should help a little.

     11 July 2003, 23:21 GMT

angelboy Account Info
(Web Page)

Well, my 68000 Processor, 120 Kb of ram can emulate my calc at 100%. Wait a minute...it is my calc. :)

     11 July 2003, 23:28 GMT

Re: ~
KermMartian Account Info
(Web Page)

actually, my emulator works well on a 6mhz cpu and 52K ram

     12 July 2003, 01:58 GMT

Re: Re: ~
ac  Account Info

Right, well, my 1.5 gz processer, 256 mb RAM, can run three or four copies of VTI at once, and run them all at about 200% speed! Beat that! (no_one will)

     12 July 2003, 03:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ~
Rob van Wijk  Account Info

My 1.6 GHz Pentium 4, 256 MB of RAM is currently running four copies of VTI, at approx. 250% speed, with the rest of my system responding just like it should.
(Sorry, couldn't resist ;) )

     13 July 2003, 00:56 GMT

angelboy Account Info
(Web Page)

Oh yeah, I forgot I had that emulator also. Well, actually I have three of those. :)

     12 July 2003, 15:45 GMT

Re: You could hire me...
saitei Account Info
(Web Page)

Mass reply time...

I cut off the skin but it doesn't help much...My computer is just sorry anyway, :P, so i'm not too worried about it. Also, I think that the ani-gif screenshots are about as slow as the emulator is on my comp...not sure why, but i have a feeling that one's not my comp's fault...dunno.

After all, it could be worse...I could only have my 386 win3.1 computer (with a half-gig hard drive) to use...so no complaining. (Then again, I did get that thing - the whole system, monitor and all - for $20, complete with a DVD-rom drive in it...God bless the idiot that did that one. Doesn't work now, but when I get a decent computer I can put it in...:)

On that note, I know this isn't really the place, but is the black graphlink suppossed to be useable as a serial-link? I've heard stuff that says that...but I can't get it to work in Wtran8x (it's on my Win3.1 machine...and the graphlink software doesn't support the black on win3.1!) It'd be easier than building a link...of course, I already bought the parts...spent $13 on a $4 link cable...

     13 July 2003, 18:56 GMT
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