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TI Founder Dies
Posted by Michael on 18 April 2003, 01:11 GMT

Cecil Green, a founder of Texas Instruments, died last week at age 102. In addition to his activities at TI, he was extremely involved in using his money to further education throughout the world. TI has issued a press release.


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Re: TI Founder Dies
Jesse Puckett  Account Info

Wow, makes you think, him being so young and all, if he could go, any one of us could.

     22 April 2003, 07:11 GMT

Makes you think
W Hibdon  Account Info

I know. I never thought about my mortality, until I read this article. I get downright upset when I think about how easily all of us could go. And with Cecil Green dying so young, with so much ahead of him, I have watch mind-numbing television to take my mind of it.


     22 April 2003, 11:50 GMT

Re: Makes you think
no_one_2000_  Account Info
(Web Page)

Um... 102 isn't young.

     23 April 2003, 00:45 GMT

Re: Re: Makes you think
W Hibdon  Account Info

Sure it is. If ofcourse, that by having calcs as a hobby can make you live to 202. All just speculation, of course.


     23 April 2003, 02:54 GMT
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