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Omnicalc v1.00 Released
Posted by Eric on 13 April 2002, 05:39 GMT

Michael Vincent of Detached Solutions has released Omnicalc v1.00, a nifty new FLASH application that provides many extra features for your TI-83+. Highlights include an entries menu and a parentheses highlighter. You can read all about it at its homepage.


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Re: Omnicalc v1.00 Released
z3r0_d Account Info
(Web Page)

umm, seems cool, but I want those fuctions while editing programs too (copy paste, entries menu...)

pasting an entry with the sprite command into a program (type it on the home screen, evaluate, edit program, 2nd + entry) gets a wierd result...

sprite command with archived pics seems to return a semi-random sprite (random part of ram?)

need more memory. My ti-83+ can't handle it all (down to 6k archive free)

*sigh* hey, can detacheds combine a few of their apps, and still keep it in one slot?

"Don't use language you wouldn't hear on U.S. network television." --- well, I hear a lot there... be more specific

     19 April 2002, 18:43 GMT

tecnical speech
z3r0_d Account Info
(Web Page)

... and I _don't_ hear tecnical speech on tv; does that mean I can't use it?

     19 April 2002, 19:20 GMT

Re: tecnical speech
Chivo  Account Info

And I once heard the f*** work on PBS. Does that mean we can use it here? I wouldn't ever use it, of course. Darn tootin'! I'm perfect, and I'm humble and proud of it. :-D

     19 April 2002, 19:32 GMT

Re: Re: tecnical speech
Chivo  Account Info

Whoops... perfect correction to be made:

sed s/work/word/ previous_post

     19 April 2002, 22:03 GMT
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