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Christmas Status Update
Posted by Magnus on 22 December 2001, 19:17 GMT

Well, it's Christmas time, so I figured it's time for a status update about the file archives.

We've been working on a pending queue of over 1,000 files uploaded just before and during our archive shutdown. That number is currently down to 438 - but it's climbing back up with an average of almost 100 files per week right now.

Right now, our priorities are to get the majority of these files into the archives. Because of this, we are almost only adding files that are either new with a distinct name or clear updates to existing programs. Files that are not updates but have names that conflict with existing programs are put on hold, to be processed once the rest is done. Any files that require a more extensive check before they are allowed into the archives (for possibility of violating the content rules) are also placed on hold for the time being.

That said, we'd also like to wish all our visitors Happy Holidays.


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Re: Christmas Status Update
Ding Chavez  Account Info

I can't believe you losers actually think calculators are the way to go. God, the TI-89 is the worst calculator ever. That piece of junk doesnt even have a backlight!!! Trust me, go with the Palm M505. I don't think you'll have enough to argue about its full color capabilities, backlight, and 8MB of memory. and Please, do me a favor. Ditch those calculators.
The Official Palm Pilot Man

     27 December 2001, 23:13 GMT

Burn the 83 community!!!
depleateduranium  Account Info

I disagree, personally i think all the 83 users should be imprisioned and/or sent to deserts to collect silicon for more 89's.

p.s. maybe its not the calcs that are the problem, but the bizarre affects that they are having on the users. For instance calculators make you stupid, is this what has been affecting the calculator community? Is that why people hate me? Is that why i would hack this site in a hearbeat if i had cable, linux, and a goood comp, to delete the entire 83/+/se archive....HELL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     28 December 2001, 00:05 GMT

Re: Burn the 83 community!!!
DasBoot  Account Info

don't you have linux?
Of couse not, you only have time to squeeze out your tiny balls in a cow's moth...

     28 December 2001, 00:37 GMT

Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
Robert Mohr  Account Info
(Web Page)

Let me know when the SAT lets you use a Palm instead of a normal calculator. Also, the TI-89 is a lot cheaper than the Palm M505 and probably doesn't waste as much power.

     28 December 2001, 01:01 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
Ding Chavez  Account Info

I agree Depleated. TI-83's do suck. I've hated those things ever since they came out. Oh yeah, by the way, about the palm pilots. Think you cant bring that on a test? Give it another year, and it'll be universal. Trust me. More people need to buy it, so collegeboard authorizes it on their SAT's. Besides, if you're smart, you don't need a TI-89. a basic one can help you. Also, do I see an IR port on the 89!? NO you stupid moron, it doesn't have one. You retard, how do you transfer files? Oh, wheres that damn link cable of mine, oh yeah, 2nd, and the "-", F2, Receive...stupid....BTW-
I don't think your stupid caluculator has the charging capabilities, of course not. Can you put it in a cradle or something, let it charge, and then pick it up when you want to go? OF course not you idiot. BTW, bout battery life-if you ever read some of the palms info, they can last 25 days on a single charge. They're pretty powerful, and you get X-Master, and afterburner hack 3.0 and underclock it, and you're getting prob. 40 days of palm work without a charge. Think about it, retard.
With a TI89....OMG, a new calculus program, or a new phoenix!!! I Hafta get it!!! Click TI-connect of your desktop, go to the explorer crap on it, open that, find the geometry file, of course extracted to a folder, right click on it, and transfer it to your calculator. -----With a Palm M500...download file, open winzip, double click, and click the sync button on the palm cradle. No more finding the freakin file wherever you extracted it to....
OMG, a really quick problem to solve for the teacher, How many TI-83's can be burnt with a rate of .005sec/calculator? Well, what will be faster. With a TI-89 or TI-83....Lemme reach into my bookbag, find the calculator, take it out of the pocket, ok, lemme slide off the case, turn the button on, put the case somewhere, and enter the data. With a Palm, reach in your pocket, whala. Tap the calculator button on the grafitti pad, and whala. Enter data
The reason the price is so much for the palms, is cuz they have so much memory. And they charge. And do tons more of awesome stuff. If you want, you can get an m105, with the same capabilites as a TI-89 but better, for only 105 dollars.
Say goodbye to organizers, planners, and games that suck. WIth a palm, they look a million times better, with easier input.
Eat my shorts for a while
The Palm Pilot Man

     28 December 2001, 08:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
tibrist93  Account Info
(Web Page)



<end sarcasm>

     30 December 2001, 00:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
nathan grigg  Account Info

>Click TI-connect of your desktop, go to the
>explorer crap on it, open that, find the
>geometry file, of course extracted to a
>folder, right click on it, and transfer
>it to your calculator

Or download file, open winzip, right click..send to calc. That's not so hard is it? Heck, since you can't open ti files anyway, make it so you double click the file to send to calc. its not that hard, even for lazy people like you.

I'll replace my 89 with a palm when a palm can do symbolic manipulation

     31 December 2001, 20:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
Achorny  Account Info

"they can last 25 days on a single charge"
I don't know where you read that, but I am positive that somewhere near it there is a footnote or just another sentence that says "based on an average of 2.5 minutes of use per day" (OK that was exaggerated, but you get the idea), not 576 literal hours.

     1 January 2002, 02:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
lord_nightrose Account Info
(Web Page)

They let me use whatever I wanted on the SAT. I brought in an 89 and a Visor and they didn't even blink. I could have brought in Stephen Hawking and they would've said "You can only use him on the math portion of the test."

     28 December 2001, 20:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
Null  Account Info

Hahahaha,Stephen Hawking... I have a Visor Prism. You can use it on most tests (in math)

     28 December 2001, 20:48 GMT

Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
lord_nightrose Account Info
(Web Page)


Visor Deluxe. 8MB built-in memory, plus Springboard module. Pop an extra $50 and get a CompactFlash adapter, like I have. An extra $100 and you have a keyboard. My Visor now has 8MB built-in, and 272MB in CF cards. Bwa. Ha. Ha.

Sure, it's not color. But color devices suck up batteries like whores on crack anyway.

     28 December 2001, 20:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
Ding Chavez  Account Info

I honestly have the Palm M500. I just went over my cousins house, and they have the new color samsung phone. God I want that. BTW, the SD card for the palm, 16mb of memory, is still expensive, as is the modem, so I'm gonna wait it out a little longer till prices drop
The Palm Pilot Man

     29 December 2001, 01:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Christmas Status Update
Ding Chavez  Account Info

you're simply messed up if you have that much memory on your palm.

     5 January 2002, 03:48 GMT
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